File, Then Smile … and Win!

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The best part of filing taxes? Being done!

This year you have an even bigger reason to smile after you file. From April 1-15 you have the chance to win up to $500 worth of prizes by entering our #FileAndSmile contest.

Whether it’s the location where you filed, why you love TurboTax, or even just your smiling face – we want you to share your tax victory moment!

Here’s how you enter:

Share your moment (text, photo or video) on Instagram or Twitter using #FileAndSmile.

Remember, the sooner you enter, the bigger the prize!

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  1. I did spend part of my refund with you on amazon gift card.. I am still waiting to hear from amazon with the claim code… The rest of the refund was in my bank accoount on April 2…your notice was sent to me on April 1… I’m out $400 of my refund that would have been used for my grandkidds gifts for the year… Now what do I do?

    1. Hi Rosemary:

      So sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

      If you’re still waiting for your gift card, here are a few reasons it may be delayed:

      The IRS has not yet deposited your refund (or it was deposited less than 2 business days ago); or
      The IRS changed or withheld part of your tax refund; or
      The email address you provided was invalid and the email with your Claim Code was undeliverable; or
      You received the email with the Claim Code but can’t find it.

      For additional help, see our step-by-step guide to tracking down the whereabouts of your gift card here:

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