Where Do All Our Taxes Go

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Where do all our taxes go? Using a calculator by USA Today and Salary.com we visualize how the tax dollars of workers in an average office building, from top-ranking officer and down through the ranks, contribute to National Defense, Medicare, Social Security and more.

Infographic by Column Five Media.

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  1. Personally, I like the graphic. I think it’s annoying when feminists are insulted if they aren’t visually included in something like this.

    Not everything needs to be twisted into something political! Get over it already.

    For the graphic, it seems like these taxpayers are single? The janitor’s tax burden seems a bit high, so that’s why I’m saying that.

    1. Thanks J. Money!

      Let us know if you have suggestions for additional infographics. Always love to hear from the personal finance community on what’s interesting these days 🙂


  2. Too bad that none of the people represented in the graphic are women… it says a lot about how people think. May be it means that women are not considered as tax payers… who knows?

    1. Hi Elaine,

      Thanks for your insights. We like to keep our infographics simple so they’re easy to understand, and the choice of male versus female representatives of taxpayers isn’t so much about how we think, but more about simple representation of a complex topic.

      In other graphics, for example this one about early tax filers, we’ve used a female.

      Hope you understand it’s much more about keeping it simple than it is about choosing one gender to represent taxpayers.

      Chelsea with TurboTax

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