What People Say on Twitter About Tax Refunds

Taxes 101

Infographic by Column Five Media.

Many people have strong opinions about their tax returns. We sampled tweets to offer a snapshot of what U.S. citizens had to say to their online friends about tax refunds. Some states are delaying tax refunds. We’ll keep updating you as we learn more from states around the U.S. Chances are, if you file your taxes early in the tax season, you’re a tax filer that’s getting a bigger refund.

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  1. I filed my return with turbo tax it was very easy

    but I have a question, what is the status, was my state, local returned filed, when will i get my refund


    please reply by e-mail

  2. Isn’t it crazy how the IRS uses the correct word for things?


    1   /v. rɪˈfʌnd, ˈrifʌnd; n. ˈrifʌnd/ Show Spelled[v. ri-fuhnd, ree-fuhnd; n. ree-fuhnd] Show IPA

    –verb (used with object)


    to give back or restore (esp. money); repay.


    to make repayment to; reimburse.

    –verb (used without object)


    to make repayment.

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