TaxCast: The IRS Chats About the Free File Alliance

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Intuit is a long-time supporter of free tax preparation and e-filing for low and middle-income taxpayers. We’re in the midst of tax season and folks are searching for the best and least expensive way to file their tax return. The IRS Free File Alliance program is one great way to file if you meet certain requirements.

Intuit is a long-time supporter of the Free File Alliance.  Raphael Tulino of the IRS spent some time explaining who the Free File Alliance solutions will work for, and a bit about what it is. Listen in as Consumerism Commentary podcasting gurus Flexo and Tom Dziubek chat Free File Alliance with Raphael.

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  1. my son is 23 and lives at home. he is a full time student and has a fulltime job making 31K….can I claim him as a dependant and if I can can he still claim his student loan interest on his tax filings

  2. My refund should have been in my account by now. However, I discovered that when I sent it in the routing and account number are correct but it is marked checking account rather than savings account.

    How can I get this solved?? Please respond by email.

    Thank you

    Karen Robbins

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