TaxCast: Taxcronyms Defined

Taxes 101


Are you inching toward tax deadline as slowly as you can? Even if you’ve been procrastinating, it’s time to take a look at your collection of tax-related documents and start making a plan to meet the filing deadline April 15. Confused? Scared? Don’t be. We have a plan for tax filing snails dragging their feet, er, antennas, out of fear of complex tax acronyms.

We’ve enlisted our resident expert, CPA and VP of TurboTax, Bob Meighan, to break down complex taxcronyms into simple terms. Just put this podcast on repeat and start filing today. Listen in as Consumerism Commentary podcasting gurus Flexo and Tom Dziubek chat taxcronyms with Bob. Have some more taxcronyms you’d like us to decode? Leave them in the comments.

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