5 Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund on Your Honey

Taxes 101

It’s tax refund season, baby! Are you excited?  Are you one of the average Americans who got back $3,000 this year?  If so, and you haven’t spent it yet (you haven’t spent it yet, have you?), I offer you five ways to exchange it for the happiness of your significant other instead 🙂 Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

1. Open up a Roth IRA in their name! Or if they already have one, contribute directly into it for her/him.  This not only says “I love you” in a financially responsible way, but it allows the both of you to reap the rewards come retirement day.

2. Have a “game night” in the home. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to please your Valentine. Pick up some flowers, a few board games, and some dinner ingredients, then go back and concoct the perfect romantic night in.

3. Pay off your lover’s credit card debt! It’s not as sexy as a game night in, but I guarantee they’ll remember it more than all the other February 14ths 😉

Fund your next family vacation.  You probably don’t want to spend all $3,000 on this, but setting aside $1k or $2k for a nice vacation this year can always be good for the soul.  A little nice quality time together is an excellent break from reality.

4. Donate to your significant other’s favorite charity 🙂 Again, it doesn’t have to be all $3k of it, but sending a nice chunk on behalf of your Valentine is a very beautiful thing to do.  And beats the “dinner and movie.”

5. We can go on and on here, of course, but the reality is that YOU know your significant other way more than we do. Spend some extra time this Valentine’s week and really think about how you can do something special for him/her.  It doesn’t have to be financially-related, but it also doesn’t hurt 😉

Use that tax refund wisely and be sure to invest it in the things that truly matter to you.  Chances are, it’s not on “things.”

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