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Our Intuit Investigative Blogger Christen Wegner Kelly sat down with Christine Thacker, one member of @TeamTurboTax, who has helped the most customers on Twitter as part of the team during the month of March and shows no signs of slowing down.

A Customer Favorite: ^CT

Surprising and delighting customers is what the employees behind the @TeamTurboTax Twitter do best.

In year two of its journey, the team behind the Twitter account has helped customers get the tax answers they need as easily as possible. And customers, just like Ryan M., are taking note and appreciative of the support.

Christine Thacker was the @TeamTurboTax member who reached out to Ryan M. and got him the solution he needed to make him “happy as a clam.” She is also one of the original @TeamTurboTax members that helped the team reach success in year one when the project was founded. The TurboTax initiative was created to pair customers with tax and tech-savvy employees like Thacker, who is affectionately known on Twitter as ^CT.

Thacker’s eagerness to help, social prowess, and extensive tax knowledge made her an easy choice for the @TeamTurboTax March member of the month.

Intuit Investigative Blogger: What is your background and how does it help you on Twitter?

Christine Thacker: My background is in finance and tax. My career at Intuit began in 2007 as a seasonal employee. Then I moved to the Accounting Professionals Division for a short time until I found my current role.

Intuit Investigative Blogger: What is your current role at Intuit?

Thacker: I am the TurboTax Live Community moderator. I help customers get answers to their questions. Since Live Community is built into our tax product, customers come there often. My job is to not only help them via that channel, but I like to build relationships with what we call our super users in the community.

The super users are dedicated to our product and helping it improve. So I am the go-between for those customers, taking their feedback and giving it to the product developers. Hopefully in the end improvements are made and we have a great product.

Intuit Investigative Blogger: Is that work with TurboTax Live Community what made you decide to join the @TeamTurboTax team?

Thacker: The work I am doing with @TeamTurboTax is almost the same. It’s just a different vehicle. So instead of helping customers via a forum I am using Twitter. And we see some of the same customer questions pop up in both places.

But, I didn’t approach the @TeamTurboTax folks, my team was actually the driving force for my involvement. They became aware of what @TeamTurboTax was doing and then we joined since it seemed like a natural fit with what our roles and skills were.

I was really excited to help especially since it was new and exciting. It is great to be a part of something and see the growth and success it has had so early on in its journey.

Intuit Investigative Blogger: What do you like best about helping customers on Twitter?

Thacker: I love to see them be surprised. What I mean is, some customers are really surprised we even offer this type of support. So when we respond to a tweet it is really great to see them post about our outstanding customer service. It is really gratifying to sit back and know I helped solve their problem and create a great experience.

Intuit Investigative Blogger: Can you think of a favorite customer interaction you’ve had so far this tax season?

Thacker: Definitely. I helped a customer who had an issue and couldn’t get through to our support line. He posted an upset tweet and I responded to him to try to troubleshoot his issue. I ended up helping him over Twitter and shortly after we solved his problem he wrote a blog post about @TeamTurboTax and tweeted his satisfaction.

It was cool to see someone that wasn’t a professional blogger take the time to write this story about our customer service.

Intuit Investigative Blogger: Since this is the second year you have participated in the project, how has @TeamTurboTax grown?

Thacker: I have seen a big change in our team since last year. The overall size of the team has grown of course, but what is really great is that our skill set has improved as well. We have the right people on the team that have the skills to solve customer’s problems fast.

We have people with special knowledge on everything from how to install TurboTax, to specific support for Mac customers, to customer care overall. And we are routing the right tweets to the right people the first time. The entire process is more efficient and reduces wait for customers.

And I am definitely enjoying it. I think Intuit is catching customers off guard in a great way and we are meeting and exceeding their expectations. It is just great to see we aren’t just ignoring this popular channel.

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