Taking the Hassle Out of Student Financial Aid

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In today’s tough economy, many people are faced with the question, “how in the world do I pay for college”?  Consider this…the average cost of a college education has been steadily increasing in recent years.  A 4-year public college was $6,585 in 2008-2009 (up 6.4 % from the year before).  Students will pay, on average, from $377 to $420 more than last year for this year’s room and board, depending on the type of college they attend.

The good news is that there is more than $100 billion in financial aid available to students and their families to help pay for college.  FAFSA is the application used by the government and nearly all colleges and universities to determine eligibility for federal, state, and college-sponsored financial aid, including grants, educational loans, and work-study programs.

Completing your FAFSA correctly and on time gives you the best chance to get funding. That’s where TurboTax FAFSA comes in.  It is a new, simple online option for families to complete the FAFSA, helping put them one step closer to achieving their dreams of college.

When you use TurboTax to complete your 2009 tax return, TurboTax can automatically transfer up to fifty percent of the required tax information directly onto your FAFSA form for you, saving you time and helping with accuracy.

And the best part, TurboTax FAFSA is completely free.  All you have to do is follow TurboTax’s famous step-by-step guidance to answer all the questions, then print and mail your application to complete the process.

So if you are applying for college in the near future, don’t delay, it’s better to apply early and state deadline vary.  Be sure to put “complete FAFSA” top of your “to-do” list and check out TurboTax FAFSA for help to get started.

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