Seven Un-Boring Ways to Waste Your Refund

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What are you going to spend your tax refund on? According to CNN, most people plan to pay off their credit cards or catch up on other bills. Yes that is the safe and practical thing to do, but all I could think of was BOOORING.

So I thought, since the average refund amount is $3,000 according to the IRS, what are some crazy and fun ways you can blow the money? Here are seven ways to do just that, and make you the least boring person on the planet.

1. Buy a cat. I know what you are thinking. What? Why would I want to spend $3,000 on a cat when free cats are sitting in shelters or roaming neighborhoods across the country? Well readers, I am not saying to go and buy just any ball of fur, the Bengal cat is the most expensive breed in the world with some people paying as much as $42,000. But if you are a thrifty shopper, one could be yours for the bargain price of $1,000. Then you still have around $2,000 to spend on its cat toys and food since you know a cat worth that much isn’t going to want Friskies from a paper bag.

2. Pimp your ride. Go nuts with a new sound system, rims, heck even a car oven could make your drive more productive. I know many states forbid texting while driving but nobody said making cookies on the drive home was illegal. I am kidding of course; please don’t start baking while driving because the Bay Area traffic I sit in is bad enough already. But the addition of rims might look pretty sweet and would give you mad street cred.

3. Go on Amazing Race. The hit CBS reality show that showcases teams flying around the world on a race isn’t the easiest show to get casted for. Of course I have no real confirmation on that but I think I am safe to assume that if I am not a former beauty pageant winner or willing to spew drama laced profanities at my spouse because he can’t find a key in a haystack, then I wouldn’t get a shot at the million dollar prize the winners get. Competitors felt the same way and created their own Amazing Racy-type experience for just under $3,000 a person. All the fun and none of the drama, sweet deal.

4. A shopping spree. But not just any old shopping spree, a Skymall shopping spree. Everyone flips through those magazines while waiting for their plane to take off but has anyone ever purchased anything from it? Well with that money burning a hole in your pocketbook why not take this opportunity to get yourself a sumo-shaped side table, or a replica King Tut Egyptian throne. Come on, the looks and snickers you would get at parties is payment enough right?

5. Chow down. For all you foodies out there, restaurants across the country offer a wide variety of gourmet foods that come with hefty price tags. If you are in New York City and want a tasty gourmet burger then look no further then The Wall Street Burger Shoppe. There you can get a $175 Kobe beef burger with black truffles, seared foie gras, aged Gruyere cheese, wild mushrooms and flecks of gold leaf on a brioche bun. Pizza more your style? Check out Nino’s Restaurant also in New York and get a $1,000 pizza topped with six different kinds of caviar and Maine lobster. And for you dessert lovers, Sweet Surrender in the Palazzo in Las Vegas is the place to get a $750 cupcake. Indulge your taste buds on edible gold flakes, gold-vanilla caviar, a Louis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac bottled around 1900 and Palmira Single Estate chocolate.

6. Buy a bike stroller. Score! I have found the only piece of sporting equipment all parents on-the-go need. The Taga bike stroller lets mothers ride around town, then reconstruct the bike into a stroller all without waking baby up from a nap. According to the Taga Web site, for $3,000 this stroller provides its riders with “a motional and emotional experience.” Wow, I guess I am missing out on an amazing experience because my current mountain bike just gets me from point A to B.

7. Vegas baby! I am not a gambler but my extensive movie watching leads me to believe it would be really fun to stroll into a casino, drop a wad of sweaty money onto a roulette table and let it ride on red 13. That’s right, $3,000, one bet, double or nothing. What could be more fun than that? Of course I would need someone there to escort me out of the casino if I lose because I am pretty sure I would go a little nuts on the dealer. But, for those 15 seconds, boy oh boy I would be riding high.

What are other fun or creative ways you have heard people spend their tax refund?

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  1. Now all of these are creative and easy to do ways to spend your refunds on…I am gonna try them all! 🙂 This piece is a refreshing reprieve from all those serious bit on taxes and filing them…

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