New Feature for TurboTax Home & Business Online

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We have a new feature we’re adding to TurboTax Home & Business Online and we wanted to introduce you to it here on our Blog.  On January 11th, a beta of LiveCommunity will become available as part of TurboTax Home & Business Online.   

LiveCommunity is a question and answer feature you can interact with while preparing your taxes online, just like our forum, but built in to the program.  Questions and answers in LiveCommunity are specific to the screen you are on.  For example, if you’re entering your W-2, you’ll see other users posting Q&A about their W-2s.  In addition to seeing topics specific to the screen you are on, you can also view the questions and answers for all topics posted to LiveCommunity if you want to expand your search for the answer to your question or if you want to browse through and help others.

It’s free to explore TurboTax Home & Business Online.  So go ahead and give LiveCommunity a try:


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