Maximizing Your Spring Break Dollar

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If you or your children are in school, spring break is a time for relaxation, time with family, and for many, vacation! Although it might be tempting to splurge during this time of year, know that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy yourself. Here are a few ways you can to have fun while spending less of your funds with on your spring break this year:

Hit the Road

Instead of spending big bucks flying to faraway destinations, grab your car and hit the road to a nearby locale! Everyone can chip in for gas to cut costs down, plus you get to spend time jamming out to your favorite tunes!

Sleep Under the Stars

Who said you need a five-star resort? Instead of forking over your hard earned cash for hotels, use the great outdoors to your advantage! Grab your camping gear and head out on a camping trip. On average, campsite rentals at state parks cost about $10-40 per night, so you will be saving money while getting some fresh air!

Pack Snacks

Save money by packing food and cooking for yourself, instead of eating out. Pro tip: call ahead to destinations or campsites and see if they have rooms or locations with an accessible kitchen. You’ll be surprised by how much this can save you!

Keep it Light

Did you score a deal on your flight? Be careful of those costly airline luggage fees! Many airlines charge for checking suitcases, so try to consolidate all of your items into a carry on suitcase, and don’t forget to keep your liquids under 3.4 oz!

Use Your Points to Book Travel

Whether it is airfare, hotels or transportation, always remember to utilize credit card points when booking your travel accommodations. Wondering if your points are tax deductible? Check out this post to learn more.

Take Advantage of Free Activities

Rather than spending all your cash on expensive theme parks or tours, do some research and find what you can do for free in your location! Check out nearby hikes or museums, and head over to the local community center for more ideas.

Planning on having some down time while you’re on vacation? Well, that’s a perfect time to get your taxes done. Really! Just grab your phone, and download the TurboTax mobile app today to get started! You’ll have money in the bank for your next vacation in no time.

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