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Yep, you read it right. There are plenty of free options to help you complete your taxes before the looming deadline, or after, if you’re going to throw in the towel and file for an extension. Doing that, by the way, officially makes you a tax slacker! Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But where to start looking for all these amazing freebies, you ask? I know you won’t be surprised when I tell you that TurboTax has got you covered.

Got tax questions?

Here are some great ways to get free answers:


Facebook: All you Facebook fans can join TurboTax for our live TurboChat with tax expert, Bob Meighan, CPA tomorrow, Weds. April 14, 10-10:30 a.m. PST. You can ask any last-minute burning tax questions you’ve got.

TurboTax Live Community: Get answers to your tax and product questions from tax experts and other TurboTax customers through the Live Community. Since Live Community began, more than 10 million people have used it to easily search and find answers to their questions.

Twitter: Are you one of the almost 100 million people sending 140 character tweets to your friends on Twitter? This year, for the first time, you can simply tweet your question to @teamturbotax on Twitter to get tax and tech help. If you’re curious, see what people are saying about taxes on Twitter.

Of course, there are also lots of helpful (and free) FAQs online and, if you want to go old school, you can pick up the phone and contact TurboTax customer care.

Do your taxes for free:

Not only is TurboTax dishing out free answers, we’ve got free tax prep options for you too.

Free File: If your adjusted gross income is $57,000 or less, you can prepare and e-file your federal return for free through the IRS Free File program at

TurboTax Online Free Edition: Got a simple tax return? Regardless of your income, you can prepare and e-file your federal return at no charge.

And, if you’re among the approximately 10 million people who choose to ignore April 15 altogether, you can file an extension through TurboTax.

For those of you who’re counting, ‘free’ shows up 10 times. That’s 10 good reasons to just get on with your taxes (for free). I think you get the message.

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  1. My favorite way to procrastinate is to spend as much time as possible on twitter – chatting with my friends & tweeting contests. My hubby thinks I’m a twitter addict, but I still get more done around the house than HE does! 🙂

  2. My favorite way to procrastinate is to say I will get it done tomorrow, but yet I wont get it done for another 2 or 3 days.


  3. My favorite way to procrastinate is to think I still have time and ignore the task until the last possible moment.

  4. My favorite way to procrastinate is Tweeting and actually getting other work done avoiding the actual work needed to be done….my procrastinatation is useful hehehe

    I HOPE I WIN!!!!!! 🙂 *fingers crossed* I sure could use it! GL to all!

  5. My favorite way to procrastinate? I get into researching a particular tax question, and then I branch out from there with a series of “well, what if THIS were the case?”, over and over again, until I’ve created this massively complicated tax situation that, in the end, ends up being fairly informative and teaching me something. Since there’s a bit of a reward at the end of it all, it’s super-easy to procrastinate in this fashion again and again. This is in no way limited to taxes, either; natural curiosity is a procrastinator’s fuel and fire.

  6. My fav way to procrastinate is to wait Until the last min. for everything.. I guess I love the fact that My head spins out of control anticipating I will finish whatever task is to be done! My husband says he found out how I was before we married and he will take me as I am! If I say I am going to get in the shower It will take me 2-3 hours before I do! I am late to everything ..because I have not prepared! TAXES well I put them off til yesterday and I would have done them today but my husband made me do it last nite! I get a thrill out of the rushing and anticipation. Also I wait to see if I can make the situation or the problem go away so that is why I wait on some things! I def didn’t get a thrill out of Taxes this yr. But I knew it was going to be bad .. I was on unemployment and I didn’t have them take taxes out ! OUCH !! So now we are paying for it! But not by any means Early!

    Thanks for the chance this would help!

  7. My favorite way to procrastinate is to spend time with my son. When I see his smile and see him laughing and having fun, it’s hard to get back to the task at hand.

  8. My favorite way to procrastinate is to convince myself that it can be done later, I have more important things to do now. I mean something is always more important, right, even if its making brownies, because obviously making brownies is more important than doing something I don’t want to do. Basically the only time what I don’t want to do becomes more important is when I am out of time like right now, so gotta go do that thing I’ve been putting off for too long- now it’s important.@lanieekat (p.s. twitter is pretty important too:)

  9. I buy Turbo Tax very early then install it on my computer. Gather all the papers and put it in front of my computer. I just see papers strewn over my desk everyday, while I surf the web and tell myself tomorrow I’ll do the taxes 🙂

  10. My favorite way to procrastinate is twittering. Anything I can do that is not what I should be doing is great when I need to procrastinate.

  11. my favorite way to procrastinate is to get caught up chatting on twitter, or reading a book anything but what I should be doing

  12. My best one I use is that I was afraid to do it wrong, so I just kept gathering information and lost track of time; hey I wake up early in the morning on the 15th and do it….tic toc tic toc OPPS it is 9pm WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!!! I guess I have to just do it…hehehehehe!!!

    @OneTwoMany on Twitter and I RT’d your tweet.

  13. My favorite way to procrastinate is to 1st say i’ll do it tomorrow, Leave calendars on the month before

    I kid myself into thinking ive got plenty of time 😉

  14. My favorite way to procrastinate is to tweet the day away on twitter. “Oh, I can’t get that done right now, I have to tweet these tweets on my list”. Sad, huh?

  15. Favorite way is to play with my brain a bit. It like playing cat and mouse, eventually it gets done 🙂 @saraminda

  16. My favorite way to procrastinate is to try turn the clocks back a half hour that way everyone else is late and I’m always right on time! LOL! @WildOrchids09

  17. I like to procrastinate by browsing the internet for things that add no value to my everyday life. Sometimes I do think, why am I doing this with my taxes especally when I’m getting a refund and Turbo Tax is so easy. It’s you money, you might as well get it back as fast as you can.

  18. My favorite way to procrastinate is to look at the calendar each day and see how much closer the deadline is, but then once it’s like a day or so before I pretend like I didn’t realize it was so close.


  19. Favorite way to procrastinate is to twitter all day while at the same time strategically giving myself 15 min to complete the task at hand…doesn’t always work out tho…

  20. My favorite way to procrastinate is whether to pay the other state the amount I owe from the state we get a refund on then I don’t until the final day. I use the money for other things that need to be done at the time of refund. Then April 15th comes so fast I wish I didn’t. @ladylisa1 twitter.

  21. My favorite way to procrastinate is on Tax Day to run to the post office just before they close to get that postmark

  22. My fave way to procrastinate is to tell myself that the adrenaline rush I get from waiting until the last possible minute makes me think fast & clearer. It’s not true,of course, but it makes me feel better.

  23. My favorite way to procrastinate is to sit around, complain, whine, and do anything but the task at hand until either someone else does it or I have to scramble and do a halfassed job to just barely get it in (homework, workywork, taxes, etc.) Its a shame that TurboTax doesn’t have a giant button that says, “I give up. Just do it for me.” When you click it, an accountant just shows up at your house and does your taxes for you. That’d be nice…

  24. I just procrastinated because I was afraid of owing money. We actually did our taxes LAST NIGHT with TurboTax online!! It was so easy, I was left wondering “Why did we wait so long??” I could really use a $100 Amazon card…twins’ birthday coming up in the beginning of June!!

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