Can I Claim My Girlfriend As a Dependent on My Taxes?

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A dependent is an individual that relies on you for financial support. Being able to claim a dependent on a tax return allows for a number of tax-related benefits. Taxpayers who dependents can claim an additional personal exemption for each dependent. However, the matter of who can be claimed as a dependent is much trickier than it appears. One of the most popular questions we see each tax season is “Can I claim my girlfriend/boyfriend?” Let us explain who you can claim as a dependent.

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  1. I was wondering if my SO claims me and my daughter on taxes will it mess up my child’s medicaide if they are not on my medicaide case?

  2. Can my fiancé claim me on his taxes if I’m going to school full time? I applied for finacial aid last year cause I make no income except child support which is $6000 a year for my first born. We have another child but together to which he is claiming both of them already. I want to know if this would affect me or him if he claims me on his taxes cause of financial aid and a $500 student loan? I’ve also heard different that he can get up to $3,500 and some change cause I’m a dependent and going to school. We are not married but we do live together.

    1. Hi Norm,
      If your girlfriend meets the citizenship requirements, lives with you all year, does not provide all of her own support, and does not make over $4,000 then you may be able to claim her. TurboTax will help you claim her if you are eligible.

      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  3. My fiancé has a 5 year old son. Him and his ex were never married and do not have any agreement. She got knocked up by another man and moved to another city with him in the middle of January last year and quit working lives of her boyfriends income and child support she also took their son off my finances insurance and put him on Medicaid because her and her new boyfriend are not married. My fiancé transfers her $1000 a month and it’s labeled child support its a documented transfer. So she lives further away so we don’t get to see him but about 2-3 days a week. Since there is no agreement who can claim him on their taxes if she does not work but is getting $12000 a year in child support. Can the boyfriend she lives with who supports her or can my fiancé. I know this is a terrible situation.

  4. my Fiance did not work in 2015 to pursue education in certification of law enforcement he attended full time i worked and provided the income for 2015 about a 6 month program and he qualifies as a dependent but as i;m trying to fill out this years taxes it states he won’t qualify for a tax break? why is that?

  5. My boyfriend and I live seperately. I am 27 years old, college student and he supports me 100% financially. I haven’t worked in a year because we had a child together, would he be able to claim us both?

  6. My girlfriend had livedown with me since the end of January of last year when she found out we were having a baby. She however received befits from medicaid for herself and it ended in December, my daughter still has medicaid benefits In Texas. I made 49k for the year but have been unemployed due to oil prices. If I claim her will it back track and will she get into trouble and can I claim both of them, or will it affect their medicaid?

    1. Her medicaid. Also my 6 year old I pay a very expensive insurance, is that a write off? I heard but do not know

  7. My boyfriend has been supporting me for two years now BC I don’t have a job and I haven’t worked since 2012. Could my boyfriend claim me on his taxes? He also has foodstamps and im conjoined with him but the card for foodstamps is in his name. I also have a tax form from my college could my boyfriend use that on his taxes. I am also 22 years old and my boyfriend is 25 years old. We live in Wilmington nc.

  8. My friend got a ticket in west Virginia.. and one shes paying on here in her home state..was wondering would it affect her tax returns………

  9. My 23 year old son lives with me. Last year he only made $2,400. He was also on food stamps. Can I claim him on my taxes as a dependent even though he was on food stamps?

  10. HI, my mother only worked for 4 months in 2014, can she still claim me as a dependent? I am 36 years old, but I didn’t work at all in 2014. We are not sure since she worked less than 6 months, we would like to find out if she can claim me.

  11. So i was wondering. I know my boyfriend/father of my daughter CAN claim me on his taxes (since i am a stay at home mother). But my question is, will the status of pending tickets affect what ge gets back? Both tickets are in collections, however, i am making monthly payments on ONE of those two tickets.


  12. if my girlfriend owes money to the IRS for last year but she has been my dependent for the entire last year and no job can I claim her on my taxes ? and would my taxes be affected since she owes money to IRS? I have supported her on every way. please I need and answer before I do my taxes thanks

  13. I wnted to.knw.if my partber could claim my son nd my self i have never done taxes nd my sons dad has done taxes with his social before but we have an agreement saying his not going to use it anymore so can we both be dependable for his taxes

  14. My bf, whom I recently reconciled with after months of seperation, has been providing support, such as rent, for me, his 10 year old non-biological son and his 8 month old biological daughter. Through our 7 months of seperation, I was receiving help from the government, such as the food stamps, and child support from my son’s dad to help with the food and other expenses. My question is will he able to claim me, my son and daughter even if we were seperated and has never changed his address. If it all matters, we do live in Texas.

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