America’s Most Bizarre Taxes

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Ask anybody about taxes, and you’re sure to get an earful. Some think we are taxed too much, while others believe we are not taxed enough. The one thing that is safe to assume, is that there are a number of taxes in America (typically unique to just one State) that tend to be on the weirder side. From pets to bagels, to candy to crack, here’s a look at some of America’s slightly bizarre taxes:

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Bizarre Taxes
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  2. Bloomberg says AT&T might offer to divest as much of 40% of T-Mobile to win approval of its $39B deal. Too bad it won’t work.


  4. Note to AMY before you expose you lack of knowledge, please check your facts. “Granny Pelosi” did not have a luxury jetliner to fly around in, THAT’S A MYTH: FACT: the Sergeant At Arms for the House, concerned for the Speaker of the House’s safety ordered a 757 jet aircraft for Mrs. Pelosi to use, SHE REFUSED to use it because she considered it to be too expensive. FACT: that same aircraft is currently available for “Cry Baby” John of the broke State of Ohio.

    States, counties, cities and townships are all struggling to stay afloat, they are coming up with strange taxes to keep the business of government running, simply because RICH people, Corporations, and Banking/Finance CEO do not want to pay for the government services the all demand. Keep this fact in mind: If someone’s grand father has used the tax dodging codes to make and keep a lot of money, when he dies and leaves FIVE MILLION DOLLARS to his heir, that money, which should be UNEARNED INCOME is NOT TAXED, but if a working class person gets a fifty dollar a month raise in earned income, that money is taxed. HOW FAIR IS THAT? Also keep this in mind when estate taxes are not paid to the federal government, they are not paid to the state, city or local government as well. We all lose.

    FACT: Spending is relative to income. The problem is not that government spending is “OUT OF CONTROL” the real problem is that government income is relatively non-existent when it comes to the rich and the burden of paying for the running of governments is dumped on to working class people of this country. Here’s another fact: a foreigner can work in this country and not be subject to American tax laws. So they can take money from this country, but they don‘t have to give any back. We The People pay for the goods and services that they receive. So remember, it is not government spending that is out of control, it is government income that is insufficient. The Bush/Obama tax cuts are bankrupting this entire country.

  5. The US has the Highest corporate tax, and the highest income tax (many other countries us part of income tax to fund pensions plans not the US, unless you consider the 15% of Social Security a pension plan). At one point in time during the Carter admin. the highest tax rat was 78%!!! When Regan came into office, he slash that down dramatically, and what happened as a reaction to that…. the Great Reagan Years, during which we had large military spending (600 ship navy[never got to 600 yet tried, MX peace maker program, SDI, Stealth programs,and much more) and we had the happy Regan years, business boomed, money flowed, and weapons we take for granted now were developed and built. We were able to out spend and out produce the Russians, forcing them to “Tear Down That Wall”, opening democracy and unification for Eastern Germany as well as breakdown of Warsaw pact members. This eliminated one of the major military concerns regarding nuclear war. For those who don’t know, NATO was very worried that the immense Russian tank force would roll across into west Germany, into Denmark and the lowlands then France in a matter of 3-5 days, week at most. To counter this type of response the use of tactical nuclear weapons were viewed as the only alternative when done in war game simulations. (the Harrier jump jet was created as a way to keep conventional weapons in the game, so to speak, they did this by being able to land on roads, parks, parking lots, and other pre planned locations were they could be equipped w/ fuel and munitions to fight the ground war, b/c it was believed that the Russian air force in a sneak attack would knock out 70+% of concrete airdromes, and that the ground forces would overrun all the airfields in Germany and other key sites in the first days of the war.) Anyway I digress….sorry bout that.

    The founding fathers envisioned our government to be much much small, more like a confederacy (during the civil war the south was more right in their action, that being reduce the power of the federal gov’t and give the local gov’t, (who know their people better and know their needs better), more power and money. “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are

    numerous and indefinite.” The Federalist No. 45, at 311 (Madison); see also U.S.

    Const. art. I, § 1 (setting forth the specific legislative powers “herein granted” to

    Congress). When the Bill of Rights was later added to the Constitution in 1791, the

    Tenth Amendment reaffirmed that relationship: “The powers not delegated to the

    United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    The Framers believed that limiting federal power, and allowing the “residual”

    power to remain in the hands of the states (and of the people), would help “ensure

    protection of our fundamental liberties” and “reduce the risk of tyranny and abuse.” The positions of those in congress was meant to only be a part time position. Once a year those chosen would meet for a few week to write and vote on bills to be made law, following that they would return to the farms and business(thats why the pay the received was called a stipend, something to defray the cost of living only, while away from their real job.)…anyways…I’m tired…

    take it light….


  6. taxes taxes on everything,whatever the so called big wheels who pay to be above the law.are giving our so called covernment who work for the people who pay their salaries to do or not to dues.we the people need to get grip,and clean house by first starting with our are so called government,it getting to old now,same old BS different times,generations or era,exc….time for charge.Myself I born and raised two sons married,devorced,worked all my life,taught my sons to work for what they wanted on their road though life,and no matter how tough that road got,and when one door closes another will open.God was a huge part of my life and values which I have passed on to my our so called covernment ,the ones who need to leave have been in there 4ever ,time for some younger,educational with family values ,who will work and hear the people,which they work and reparsent,we the people.just one suggesion please ,when they start talking about taking our owe money which we worked so hard for and paid into ,all our lifes and earned talking social security.which it means and speaks for itself .for myself,sons,and their children and so on…….enough they talk about not having enough money left in our social security to bennerfit anyone who has paid into it or is and has been for years,now looking for their secerity ,as our parents and their parents did work hard for and looked forward to retirermet.the truth is if they our government,would put back the money,thay have taken,im talking big..big money,from OUR bennefits our hard working years of lobor.which we the people paid into again we the people… tell and talk to your people,familys and tell them make WHOEVER dipped and used are hard working money we put into social security back and stop talking around it and do the right thing for the people,tell them after they put our money back into SS account,were as they dont have rights to our SS accounts,we have rights to it.they work for us remember.the nerve of whoever to spend and give our hard working money away to other countrys why ? that I for one know is my blood,sweating and tears money I worked hard for and earned,the right to collect my SS bennifits.I know you,ve heard this exspession before,united we stand divided we fall; when I hear america the free,i get sick,nothing was free to me,I had to work for what I Have,no iam a giver,but somewhere out there ,someone,or country,is takiny our kinest for weakness.enoughs enough… so live,love and laugh and pray that this country ,my country gets a grip and fights to get our government to work for our best interest…later

  7. Referring to #5 —-The Maryland flush tax. I am a homewoner in Maryland and have to pay a sewer tax as well as a septic tank tax. I have a septic tank and I still have to pay for a sewer tax. And am not even hooked up to a sewer line. So why doesn’t the me on a lear jet or an ocean liner that I don’t own. Guess they haven’t thought of taxing us on something we don’t own. The Govt. is suppose to work for the people,right? We’ll, we voted them into office we sure as hell can vote them out. Enough is enough.

  8. Washington divisions scramble to spend their inflated budgets on ridiculously overpriced inside contracts so they can get the same money next year. Banks stopped lending, so when you pay your mortgage your sucking cash out of the economy. When there is no more cash they will take all the property back. in five years say there is a recovery lend to everyone again regardless if they could afford it. Have massive defaults, get a huge bailout and laugh. The other thing is the rich buying up all the foreclosures to rent. “The people” are like a heard of stupid sheep. Brainwashed by Tv like the Jersey Shore to keep our brains from preventing resistance.

  9. I made up a bumper sticker 8 years ago “I LOVE MY COUNTRY BUT MY GOVERNMENT NEEDS AN ENAMA” and was accused of being un patriotic.Our government was originally formed to protect the rights and security of its citizens, today however instead of protecting us it protects itself,our legislaters are continually giving thereselves raises and passing laws to protect themselves,they have become royalty instead of remembering that they are public servents!Our government needs an enama starting at the top!

  10. Here’s the latest train to run over federal retirees – they were excluded from getting the Tax Cut Extension everyone else (rich and not so rich) got. This was no oversight or accident. The bill had special language in it that specifically targeted fed retirees, and their taxes increased! On fixed incomes! Oh – and fed retirees are restricted on how much outside income they can earn (just to stay alive). If they earn over that measly amount, the government will TAKE 1 dollar for every 2 dollars they earned over the limit! What country IS this? You mean we can be locked into a position that prevents us from trying to earn enough to sustain ourselves in this economy? That’s UN-American and should be illegal to tie anyone’s hands like that. This is a recipe for disaster for retirees, while the “powers that be” roll on with a free pass and no accountability! It’s time to raise a sign and our voices.

  11. When the rest of us are doing our personal bookkeeping to see how we can make ends meet, pay the bills, and generally live, it appears legislators have all night sit-ins just dreaming up what they can tax and if they’ll get away with it.

  12. A “Flat Tax”or “Value Added Tax” is the best way to ensure all pay their fair share. When you buy an item a set percentage of tax is collected on all items regardless of the price of the item.

  13. Kevin— taxes wouldn’t need to be so burdensome if our government didn’t waste so much of our money.You come across as a very angry and envious person. Your view of cutting back the military and raising taxes on the engine of our economy (the “rich”)is simplistic and not well thought out. We need to stop taxing anything that moves, stop trying to buy friends overseas with foreign aid and not rewarding illegal aliens/lay abouts with a free ride. Maybe if there was a tax on being lazy; we could do away with all the others….

  14. i really don’t know what to say our goverment which we are suppose to love has let us down in so many ways .on my way on the streets but our govermment cares. the worse part is my brothers fought for what?both gone my older brother wesley woolley army retired as a commant sargement majors he got nothing but death he is gone after going to veit nam an my brother john he they are both dead and my john fought for our country to what good does that do .none

  15. Want a good laugh? I live in Tennessee and a neighbor down the road got busted for drugs not even 24 hours after he went to pay his taxes. I moved here from Ohio and the people in this state have never failed to entertain me.

  16. I would vote for a TATOO tax !!!! ! $1000 a TAT would seem to be fair to me (per year). Then there is a long hair on males tax – $2000/yr. Lip, nose, eyebrow, and tongue – $1000/yr each….

  17. speaking of bis=zzare state taxes..Pennsylvania state owned liqur stores have included a hidden 18% sales tax called the Johnstown tax…which was supposed to be temporary to help johnstown recover from ther famous johnstxown flood…it,s been on the books for 50pluse years. no wonder PA people run over ther NJ..DELstate lines to buy their booze !!!!!!!!

  18. Phillip, we know courts and sewer systems aren’t free, thanks for the update. I just kind of figured that part of the 32% of my pay they take out of each check would pay for my share of that. Also, if I want to use what money they let me keep on a pepsi and a snicker’s bar, they should stay the hell out of it.

  19. How about taxing abortion then we – the tax payers – won’t be forced to pay for something we don’t believe in.

    • Arrg, my mouse got jammed. What I was about to say, was that this is a tiirefrc post. Very insightful and informative at the same time.VA:F [1.9.10_1130]please wait…

      • Thank you. We are glad you enjoyed the post. Check back for more interesting topics.
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

  20. Oh where to start. 1st if the great goverment want to come in and pump, fix,& or replace my septic when needed, Please tax me $30.00 a year!! If not got the ^&%*&% out of my back yard with this crazy tax!!! 2nd We need to start looking for more land for our land fills so there will be enough room for all the bottles and cans that will end up there as we say goood buy to fountain soda. Again CRAZY! In washington they have the bottle tax on water bottles. It’s crazy to think you pay more for bottled water than we do gas. Yet some places you should not drink the water. Will they use this tax money to fix that problem??? Ok and on to the candy… who got to vote and say if it has flour in it, it’s not candy?? ok get ready to have one more thing in candy… you got it flour, oh never mind it’s not really candy it has flour. What… if it has WHITE sugar in it, is it food or candy?? Or egg?? food or candy?? CRAZY!!!!!!! Is it not? How about we start doing the things they said they do with our taxes and fix the things that need fixing and stop taxing us with more CRAZY taxes that just seam to line the pockets of more out of control spending… Take care of our schools, teacher, senors, roads… Our own homeless that are this way because they lost a job because of all that has happened in our country because someone was a sleep at the wheel, and let all us get @$%#^%*& over! Where is it going to end????

  21. I hate people that whine about taxes and the government. The state needs revenue. Because it is so goddamn hard to raise taxes in this backward, cheapskate country, the states have to make up all these weird sin and novelty taxes so that morons can’t complain as much about being taxed. Like it is such a friggin burden to be asked to pay some money to live in the country you claim is so great and that you love so much. I agree lets get rid of all these bullcrap taxes and raise federal and state income taxes a little bit on upper middle class, a bit more on the rich. Then cut the defense budget. Problem effing solved.

    And dont tell me to move to Europe! God, I would move in a heartbeat if I could. America is becoming a third world, fundamentalist country of uneducated losers. Total embarassment.

    And to the guy that found a way to make fun of climate scientist in this article, please shut the ef up.

  22. I work in a corporate tax department, sales tax division and Jersey has the one of the most bizarre sales tax laws. In the state of New Jersey feminine hygiene products were actually analyzed and categorized by state officials; a medicated douche is tax exempt and non-medicated is taxable. Really?!?! Couldn’t time be better spent? This is just one of many in the state of NJ.

  23. Here in New Jersey, if you pay your house off, you still have to pay high rent to the state and local governments in the form of property taxes. Although mine are low compared to others; I pay approximately $600 per month to live in a house I struggled for years to pay off. If I don’t pay these ridiculous taxes, they will take my home away. Many people who are out of work and seniors on fixed incomes are losing their homes and being forced out of the state. There should be a law against this blatant thievery.

    School funding through property taxation was declared as an unfair practice by a US District Court Judge years ago, but this state chose to ignore this. I am thankful that Governor Chris Christie is in office. Hopefully he will change the unfair way we are taxed on our homes. He could start by getting rid of the top heavy school administrators. Force regionalization of the school districts. On the last count, NJ has more school districts that Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania combined. These districts come equipped with an abundance of overpaid superintendents, principals and vice principals. Save the teachers and small workers who really help the children and get rid of the greasy pork at the top. I hope you are reading this NJEA.

    And as far as the over taxing government in Washington, in 2012, I am voting Congressman Ron Paul for president. Look up this man and you will know why.

  24. We all know that taxes are necessary for public service and to run the Federal government. However, we have a government that is out of control with spending. We have been asleep at the wheel. These taxes above are a perfect example of government (state level) sanctioned theft and embezzlement of funds from YOUR pocket. It is amuzing to note that all the supporters of higher taxes (usually liberals like John Kerry) NEVER volunteer to write a check to the Treasury but want to pass laws that increase everyone else’s taxes. He has a team of lawyers and CPA’s to keep him from paying more taxes. Don’t forget Granny Pelosi had to have a big ass airplane to fly her friends and relatives from D.C. to San Fran. – non-stop, at tax-payer expense. Now Gore and Clinton are trying to get “cap and tax” enforced. Research behind this. This will force businesses to trade energy credits on a type of stock exchange. Gore will be either on the board or an owner and make billions (along with other incestuous liberals (many from Chicago – do the research). Guess who will be paying for this scam, businesses, consumers. Wait till you see the taxes on that!

  25. Well, let’s see here. Maybe there are more taxes in preparation.

    – Air tax on breathing air based on height, weight, and the average use as calculated by Global Warming scientists.

    – 10% tax on whatever you don’t spend from your paycheck each week.

    – Beard tax

    – Clean-shaven tax

    – Make-up on the face tax

    – Thinking of owning a pet tax

    – Special wedding reception tax, with a larger rate on the gifts received

    – Donut tax for policemen

    – Toilet paper use tax

    There are so many opportunities for Government to pick the pockets of honest American Citizens. God forbid they should actually spend less money.

  26. what the hell is going on in OUR government? anyway they can fill their pockets they will.Next thing you know we will be paying tax for kissing or hugging in public.They work for us,but it does not seem that way.

  27. Tax on your own septic system? This is not right. You are adding nothing to the public system and when the tank is emptied you have to pay for the service. The tax on the soda fountain owner is not right if there is no tax for the same drink in a can or bottle. It just means more sales in cans and bottles and harm to the soda fountain owner. A tax on slicing bagles? How stupid. Candy and blueberry? Chicagoans will just buy candy when they are outside the city and blueberry lovers will look to Michigan or another state where they don’t have to pay this penalty. Does a jock earn his money in another state anymore than a truck driver who goes thorugh many states? They should only get one W-2 if they have one employer, so how can another state tax the person? Sounds illegal to me. These items are just more proof that we have way too many legislators with far too much time on their hands.

  28. Phillip, you are retarded. Taxing people in an effort to make them do, or not do something (candy, spay/neuter pets, etc.). You liberals want to legislate everything but sex. It is not a license, per se. It is a tax. Most things labeled license, are taxes per se.

  29. we get taxed by state and feds on income then taxed again when we spend already taxed income and then property taxed and then after all that we cant eve die and leave the already taxed money to our loved ones they tax that again.this is stealing. our government is a thief. this is not freedom. also the first article on how unemployment dropped is a flat out lie. notice they wont let us comment on that.unemployment really is 18% but because they dont count those who ‘s benifits ran out they act like those poeple are ok. also they dont tell you about how people make 30% less when they return to work. visit sen. ron pauls website or alex jones website to see how are lieing fascist government steals from us and has made us their slaves…

  30. Sorry but that Tennessee Crack Tax seams very smart. If busted for selling drugs the state can take all there money and property for failing to pay back taxes! lol

  31. When there would be a brain tax, the people who invented all these nice taxes above would be tax free – no brain, no taxes.

  32. Well, scoff if you will, but many of these are very sensible, in particular:

    – Sewer tax (expensive to build and maintain)

    – Soda and candy tax (discourage unhealthful behavior)

    – Pet tax (license fee that encourages spaying/neutering)

    – Litigation tax (courts are not free)

    – Fireworks – it’s a $15 fee (who cares?)

    Also many of these are licensing fees not taxes per se. This lists smacks of the PR!

  33. California really wants to keep fresh fruit out of vending machines. Or maybe the snack companies lobbied to keep fruit out of their machines?

  34. FTA:

    Tennessee’s Crack Tax:

    “Drug dealers were subjected to taxes on the sale of illegal substances. The tax was levied per gram of illegal drugs: $3.50 for marijuana, $50 for cocaine, and $200 for meth and crack cocaine. Dealers were to pay anonymously at the state revenue office.”

    bahaha thats retarded

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