Do I Qualify for Absolute Zero?

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Updated 3/16 – TurboTax Absolute Zero is no longer available, but you can still file your federal tax return for free with TurboTax Free Edition. Get started today!

You’re considered a “simple filer” if you file a 1040A or 1040EZ tax return, the most simple tax return there is! Simple filers can take advantage of free federal and state tax filing with TurboTax Absolute Zero. $0 fed. $0 state. $0 to file.

So who is a simple filer? More than 60 million Americans prepare and file straightforward federal and state tax returns using a 1040EZ or 1040A form. In general, you’re a simple filer if in 2016 you:

  • Made less than $100,000 in income
  • Don’t itemize your tax deductions
  • Don’t own a home or rental property
  • Didn’t sell investments
  • Don’t own a business or have 1099 income
  • Don’t have major medical expenses

Millions of hard-working Americans have filed their federal and state taxes for absolutely nothing with TurboTax Absolute Zero, so why not get started now and be on your way to you maximum tax refund, guaranteed? You’ll have complete confidence knowing there is absolutely no better value available.


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  1. This is a lie, it will not let you file free. It is telling me I have to use deluxe because I have a 1099-R which right in the help section it says I can file for free. However it won’t let me file unless I upgraded.

  2. Jesse,
    The best way to see if you qualify is to get started. Click on the blue link, choose Federal Free edition and start for free. As long as you meet the criteria listed in the post, you will get your return done for Absolute Zero.

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