A Wave Of Corporate Tax Collections

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Since 1999, a number of states have generated unprecedented income from corporate income taxes. While 2009’s revenue increased over $13 billion from 1999’s revenue, 2007 saw the highest overall corporate tax collection of the last ten years–87.5% greater than 2009’s, to be exact. Here, we explore a decade of corporate tax collection–and see which states have managed to stay afloat, as well as which are generating less revenue than they were before. If you have your own business, learn more about taking business tax deductions.

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  1. My dears am a kenyan citizen,what is surpring is that we are being faced with areduction in corporate tax collection.

    So as developed countries what can we do inorder to cope with the target off you’ll find that due to reduction in collection of corporate tax we do not meet the target.

    I kindly urge you to me with some ideas.

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