5 Family Vacation Planning Tips

Tax Tips 5 Family Vacation Planning Tips

Even though the summer season isn’t officially here, we’ve already had some fun at the beach. Last month, we had a nice getaway at Wilmington and got to hang by the water without a big crowd. Taking time off is a wonderful way to recharge. However, things can get pricey if you’re not prepared. Here are five tips to help you get out and travel more without breaking your budget.

1. Have Set Budget for Your Trip

Having a budget will make sure that you aren’t paying for your vacation long after it’s over. I also found that having a set amount pushes me to get better deals. If you have some time before your next trip, try and make it a part of your monthly budget. You’ll earn a little bit of interest and give yourself time to figure out what you really want.

2. Score Deals by Being Flexible

When we were planning our spring break getaway, we were considering three spots we really liked. Two were by the beach and one in the mountains. After running the numbers, we found Wilmington to the best deal and would give us extra time to unwind.

You can also save big by bidding for your hotels. Priceline won’t tell you where you’re staying until you win, but there are ways you can narrow down things beforehand.

3. Stay Like a Local

While we snatched up a great deal on a hotel this trip, we did explore other options like Airbnb. If you have little ones, it’s nice to get an apartment or house with a kitchen. Big money saver!

Do you have any family or friends that live where you’re vacationing? Not only will you save money by staying with them, but they could also show you the ropes around town, and you would always have a friendly spot to come back to after a long day of adventuring.

4. Explore Like a Local

Sure, going to the hotspots can fun, but make sure it’s not a tourist trap. Ask around and see if you can find some local favorites. You’ll have a great time and it’s usually easier on your wallet. If you’re eating out, try going during lunch. Depending on the spot, you can sometimes still lunch prices in the late afternoon, making dinner more affordable.

5. Hunt For Deals

We saved money by using a Groupon deal for the kids’ museum. If you have some spots you know you want to visit, see if you can get a discount. You may even be able to schedule your museum trips and other sites on free days.

Using following these ‘rules’ allowed us to truly rest and relax in Wilmington without stressing over money. I hope you can enjoy your next family vacation too! I’d love to get your take – did I miss any tips? What trips are you planning for this year? What have been some of your favorites spots?

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