4 Ways to Save On Last Minute Holiday Gifts

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Christmas Eve is one week away, and if you’re like the majority of the population, you haven’t checked every one off of your holiday gift list quite yet. While the holidays are one of the most cheerful times of the year, the parties and presents can rack up quite an expensive tab. Use the tips below to find the perfect holiday gifts that won’t break the bank: your bank account will thank you once the new year rolls around!

Do It Yourself: It’s true what they say: it’s the thought that counts! Even if your crafting skills aren’t Martha Stewart-worthy, you can still create a thoughtful gift that your friends and family will love. Decorate a mug with dishwasher-safe paint pens and gift it with the fixings for hot chocolate. You could also make a customized ornament, homemade body scrub or bake someone’s favorite treat. All of these options are budget-friendly, and you can’t go wrong when you gift someone something you put your heart into.

Share A Memory: With digital phones serving as our mobile photo album, we rarely have hard copies of photos anymore. Nothing adds a warm touch to a room like pictures of family and friends, so consider having a favorite photo of you and your loved one printed. Discount stores sell inexpensive frames to help complete a memorable gift.

Flash Sales: Many retailers and online stores are having flash sales leading up to the holidays. Follow your favorite brands to keep an eye out for these to nab a high-end gift for a fraction of the price!

Gift Cards: Gift cards don’t have to be impersonal. When you don’t know what to get a friend or loved one – and don’t have a large budget – think about their favorite ways to spend time or places they frequent. Get them a gift card to the coffee shop near their office or movie tickets to see a film they mentioned recently. Put some thought into it and add a heartfelt card, and you have yourself a great gift!

Above all, remember this season isn’t all about the gifts. The holidays are about spending time with the people you love. So don’t fret about spending a fortune on a gift. Enjoy the holiday season and those you spend it with.

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