24 TurboTax Tax Tips to Get You Across the Finish Line

Tax Tips

With the April 15th tax deadline just four days away, the tax experts at TurboTax compiled their top tax tips to help save taxpayers time and keep more of their hard-earned money.

From midnight PT on Sunday, 4/14 through 11:59pm PT on Monday, 4/15, we will share one TurboTax #TaxTip every two hours from the TurboTax Twitter handle.

If you want to file now (and we hope you do), you can find the full list of TurboTax #TaxTips below.

  1. Be prepared and organized. Bet you didn’t know tax tips and ducks had something in common… Time to get your tax ducks in a row!
  1. Make checklists! Keep everything straight with checklists! (And then check “File now” off your list!)
  1. Spell Check! We know you know your A-B-Cs! It’s time to file that knowledge.
  1. Double/triple check before filing. Santa checks his list twice for a reason! Be sure to double (or triple) check everything before submitting your return.
  1. Know your dependents – they are deductions. Claiming dependents can be a tax win. TurboTax can tell you why!
  1. E-file with direct deposit. Fast, faster, fastest! Get those taxes filed the quickest way possible by e-filing with direct deposit.
  1. Get Help. Taxes can seem taxing, but you’re not alone! TurboTax tax experts are standing by to help.
  1. Type in last year’s AGI when signing your electronically. Have you ever signed at the dotted line electronically? Find out just how important that can be to your taxes.
  1. There is no $ amount too little for filing. Part-time jobs count! There’s no dollar sign too little to file for taxes.
  1. Make a rough draft of your filing to avoid mistakes. Remember what your teachers told you? Rough drafts = no mistakes.
  1. Tax benefits for dependents: exemptions for dependents. Dependence isn’t always great, but it is at tax time! Aren’t you curious to find out why?
  1. Selling your home. Military friends, selling your home can be stressful, but not if you qualify for a tax deduction! Learn more here.
  1. Deduct your volunteering time. Hey do-gooders, this tax tip is for you!
  1. Use SnapTax to file from anywhere. It only takes a second to Snap! Use the SnapTax app to file now.
  1. It’s never too late to file. It’s crunch time and we’re here to help! Never give up, there’s still time to file now (no appt. necessary!)
  1. Don’t forget opportunities for credits and deductions. Credits and deductions, oh my! There are so many tax wins to be had. Don’t miss out.
  1. Go online: avoid the time consuming lines and file online. Throw on some PJs, sit on the couch and file your taxes the relaxing way! No appointment necessary.
  1. Parents can be dependents. Caring for your parents will always get a high five from us. There are other rewards like saving money at tax time.
  1. Collect and save your receipts. Have you ever met a receipt you fell in love with? We bet you will now.
  1. Only one person can claim a dependent. Double up when you’re eating cookies, but not when you’re filing taxes! Here’s why!
  1. Deduct your student loans interest. Students, you’re not alone with your loans! Get every dollar you deserve here.
  1. Use new apps to prepare tax filing. It’s app attack time! Use our new tax filing apps to get your filing done ASAP! No appointment necessary.
  1. Make a contribution to Tradition IRA before you file. Make a contribution to get a contribution! Find how here.
  1. You can get tax extensions. Procrastination happens! Not to worry tax filers, there is still time left!

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