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  1. I love Turbo tax except…if you loose access to former e mail and change phone yikes. They kept mechanging my password on the current act. It took countless useless emails later…when I finally got a customer service number off google. This was great…took 5 min to resolve the issues. There is a wait to access but all is pages were useless call!!!!

  2. I didn’t work last year and the only income that came in was a $ 20’000 ticket so they took out $4999 out on federal be for I got my money. And now I have my w-2g form from them. And my question is is their any one out there knows petty much of what I might get back on it it’s only $4999 on the federal 

  3. I have never received my refund. The IRS has no record of it, even to say it is still processing. I have your services for several years and have never had a problem, but this is unacceptable and it must be taken care of. I have been way more than patient. Advise me about this problem.

    1. Hi Pamela,
      Please call customer support so they can look up your account. We cannot access your information on the blog. Please call 1(800)4-Intuit.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  4. turbo tax couldn’t file my taxes for me. even with their helpline, was unable to file. to be fair when I called the IRS they didn’t have a clue.(no surprise there)

  5. We still don’t have ours either…it said it was excepted and is in proccessing. It’s been a month and 3 days waiting. Interest would be nice

  6. I wish you followed up with my message to you about the state tax in which I got only a tenth of what you calculated !!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m disappointed of your service this year.

  7. For years I have used Turbo Tax and have never had a problem. I always get my refund and email arrive on time with promised times.


      1. We are wondering the same thing….they need to say…it’s being delayed but instead they just keep saying it’s in process

  9. It’s been a month that I haven’t receive my refund taxes what’s going on does it suppose to take long?

  10. This is the 4th or 5th year I’ve used turbotax and gotten a decent return every year until this year. This year I had an unexpected income I didn’t plan for, but I still got a refund, just smaller than I was used to. Still it was a refund, which is better than the opposite.

  11. In past years we had no problem connecting to turbo tax and keeping track of our refunds…it is not user friendly anymore and we filed April 15…A month later we are still waiting for our state refund.

  12. I hate your new way for getting our taxes back. you used to sent a debit card without a problem. i have waited weeks fr my state refund Are you having fun using if.

  13. i will never use TurboTax again. It has been the source of endless frustration, starting with the mislabeling of the software with the wrong year on it. This has been a repeated or similar problem year after year. I’ll tell you what one major weakness is: there’s no easy or obvious way to SPEAK to a human being about MY particular problem. A Terrible system and a rip-off year after year. I’ve finally smartened up but only after paying penalties to the IRS plus interest.

  14. We donate a lot of used clothing to Salvation Army/Goodwill, etc. Your tables of fair market values have been the best help ever to get the fair donation amounts of our clothing. Thank you.

  15. All the information didn’t transfer to my State taxes
    and now I owe 180.00. What a mess. Last time I use your service.

  16. I really need someone to review my Louisiana State Income Tax. The past years I received a refund, 2013 I had to pay some, with the same income as the previous years????? During the review with turbotax, it was showing the normal refund I have received in the past, but I was instructed to change something and low and behold, I now owed the state?????????

  17. The IRS has held my $4000+ refund for 105 days and counting. 1040ez form, one W2 and no deductions. The IRS is my enemy now. Think they will pay me interest on my money? Think I should fine them for a late refund? They would me.

    1. Dave – I had to file an amended return in October ’12 on a 2011 return for an unclaimed deduction that resulted in an additional refund of ~300.00. Imagine my surprise when I received the check in November that included interest from when I prepared my taxes in April 2012 until IRS issued the added refund! BTW, they will also provide you with a 1098 interest income too.

      1. 107 days and counting. I doubt they will find me more money, if anything they will target me for the rest of my life since I went to my congress woman and filed a congressional investigation. The IRS appears to be able to do what they want when they want, they need to be audited and held accountable for the many bad things they have done to Americans. Lerner is just the scapegoat now but there are bigger fish to fry. We really don’t need them, they are crooks with no accountability. Yeah I am talking to you, IRS

  18. I wanting for me credit from Turbo tax on 04/13. I have problem filing taxes & you don’t help me to file & sell bill me.

    1. Hi Charlie,
      Sorry you’re having a problem. The best solution is to talk to customer care by calling 1-800-4-intuit. They will be able to help you.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  19. have been trying since jan to get rebate but your website says this is not legitamite request. if you state in your tax form this is available, then why can’t we access it. rip off rip off rip off

  20. Is the mortgage interest on home equity debt (HELOC) on/secured by your first home, which was used to finance the building of your second home, all tax deductible up to the $1 million limit ?

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