What Would You Do With $100?

Tax Planning

We know that you work hard for your money and that every dollar is important.  You should not have to go to a tax store and pay someone hundreds of dollars if you have a relatively simple tax return when you could easily do it online for free. When you file your 1040EZ with TurboTax you save $100 compared to filing with H&R Block store. Let’s take a look at what an extra $100 can mean to your bottom line – hint: it could be about 30 gallons of gas!


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  1. TurboTax rocks got me a bigger refund than HR Block.Last Year done the same using a tax professional paying almost $400 that could have gone into my pockets.

  2. Turbotax works great when used with adequately configured Quicken or Quickbooks databases. I cannot see the need for Turbotax or ANY tax software or tax service for a basic return.

  3. Oh Ok.. I see how this comments section is being handled. You moderators are just like the Liberals — someone says something you don’t like, you censor it. Ok. Well, at least you’ve been called out.

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