Ways Your Phone Fixation Can Help You Save

Tax Planning Ways Your Phone Fixation Can Help You Save
How often do you check your phone? For most people I know, calling people is one of the least used features!
Smartphones and their apps have become a part of people’s daily routine. I’ve seen people practically glued to their phones, constantly checking for updates, messaging buddies, or playing games. Unfortunately, many people aren’t using their smartphone to their potential. 

Seven Money Saving Apps

Did you know that there are apps and tools (any of them free!) you can have on your phone that will help you pay off your debts, save more, and invest easily?
Here are a few of popular ones that have boosted their owners’ money smarts.
  • Mint: Looking for a way to track your expenses without having to login into all of your accounts? Mint can pull that data for you easily. You can then see what money leaks you need to plug in your budget.
  • Digit: After analyzing your spending patterns, Digit seamlessly transfers money into savings. Digit texts you so you know your balance and have complete control over your money.
  • Acorns: Like Digit, Acorns can help you sweep up some money and put it to good use. They round up your purchases to the next dollar and invest that change into a diversified portfolio. 
  • Quickbooks: I’ve submitted my taxes and by far, the most tedious part was reviewing all of my business expenses. Not wanting to go through that again, I downloaded Quickbooks on my phone and can now stay up to date with my business.
  • iBotta: If you’re going out to shop, check iBotta to see if you can get some cash back on your purchases. There are also tasks where you can earn a little bit more. 
  • Debitize: Love credit card perks, but afraid to rack up debt? Debitize can make sure you pay your bill in full. Win-win!
  • TurboTax: Taxes can be intimating, but they don’t have to be. You can work on yours as your schedule allows and file from your phone!
Though not financially centered, two handy apps that have made money easier are Google Drive and Evernote. We have a copy of our monthly budget that we share through Google. It allows us to tweak things every month and we both are up to date. Evernote is perfect for me as I can use to quickly jot down notes on upcoming home projects and work through plans, allowing us to stay on budget.
I shared a few apps; I’d love to hear from you! Which apps are your favorites to use?

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