TurboTax 2011 Offers Free Live Tax Advice

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          Free One-On-One Expert Tax Advice Delivers Total Confidence Your  Taxes Are Done Right!

It’s already December 1st! Time to trim the tree and start thinking about your taxes!  Perfect timing, because today TurboTax launched TurboTax 2011 online and it’s in retail stores as well.

So, you’re wondering what’s new with TurboTax 2011?  Here are just a few highlights:

TurboTax 2011 now offers you free one-on-one tax advice, giving you unparalleled ease, accuracy and confidence when preparing your tax returns.  Whether by phone or live chat, you can easily get answers to your questions from an experienced tax professional – for free!

TurboTax, the nation’s leading tax software from Intuit Inc (Nasdaq: INTU), guides you through your return step by step, helping you claim every tax deduction and credit you deserve so you can be confident you get the biggest possible refund, guaranteed.

Free One-On-One Expert tax Advice

New for 2011, TurboTax offers free access to its “Ask a Tax Expert” service.  This gives you personalized answers to your tax questions from an experienced tax professional by phone or live chat, so you feel even more confident that your taxes are done right.

“We’re focused on making it even easier for taxpayers to get their maximum refund,” said Dan Maurer, general manager of TurboTax.  “Each year, many Americans needlessly overpay someone else to do their taxes.  This year, TurboTax will provide one-on-one expert tax advice, giving those that need it the confidence that their tax return is done right.”

TurboTax experts are highly qualified U.S. based IRS-Enrolled Agents, CPAs, or tax attorneys with extensive knowledge in tax law and tax return preparation.  Available daily from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. PT, the free “Ask a Tax Expert” service is accessible through all TurboTax desktop, online, and mobile offerings.

Making it even easier for you to get the biggest possible refund, TurboTax 2011:

  • Guides you step-by-step through your tax return, getting you every deduction and credit you deserve.  New improvements make it simpler to quickly enter personal information and claim important deductions and credits, such as dependents or the Earned Income Tax Credit, which could be worth as much as $5,751 per family.
  • Transfers information automatically from more than 400,000 employers, banks and financial institutions.  You can gain immediate access to essential information, dramatically reducing data entry and making tax preparation easier and more accurate.
  • Offers more ways for you to quickly get your tax refund.  Free IRS electronic filing gives you an easy and fast way to receive your federal tax refunds – in as little as seven days with direct deposit.  No other tax service or software can get you your refund faster.  You can also put your refund on the TurboTax Prepaid Visa Card.
  • Makes it even easier for you to stay informed even after you file by offering you the option to receive updates on your e-file status via text messages.  In addition, if you e-file your tax return, you can track the status of your federal return with MyTaxRefund, a free app available for iPhone and Android.

Mobile Makes it Easier

TurboTax mobile apps make it easy for you to estimate your taxes, prepare and e-file your return and track your refund while on the go.  TurboTax offers the nation’s only start-to-finish tax apps that enable people to prepare and e-file a federal and state tax return directly from a mobile device.  TurboTax Snap Tax designed for you if you have a simple return (1040EZ), lets you snap a photo of your W-2, answer a few simple questions, review for accuracy and e-file from an iPhone or Android in minutes.  If you want more guidance, you can choose to prepare and e-file your taxes with TurboTax for the iPad, which combines the ease and accuracy of TurboTax with the convenience and portability of the iPad.  TurboTax apps for 2011 will be available in January.

Pricing and Availability

TurboTax Online pricing starts at free for simple federal tax returns.  All TurboTax Online federal and state products include e-filing at no additional cost and are now available at http://www.TurboTax.com.

TurboTax 2011 desktop products start at $29.95, including preparation and e-filing for up to five federal returns, and are available at retail stores or direct from TurboTax.

So what are you waiting for?  Take a look at the new TurboTax 2011 Online software.  Find out how TurboTax has made it even easier to get the deductions and credits you deserve!


53 responses to “TurboTax 2011 Offers Free Live Tax Advice”

  1. We recently moved to NC. I clearly made some errors and would like to retract or amend the return. How do I do so?

  2. I would like to know , I have an account in Australia and I am expecting some money from United state will i have to pay tax on the money received from overseas into my Australian Account .

  3. I filed with TT, received my confirmation from TT
    but not returns and my State and Fed, have not record of my tax returns?? I filed on 4/9/12

  4. I have questions- How do I talk to live person? The buttons do not respond on my software I purchased. I think this is false advertising on Turbo’s part. I think you control the access.

    • Hi Ed,
      No it’s not false advertisement. The free tax advice is available through TurboTax online, but you can still get to it if you have desk top.
      If you are in desk top:
      1. Go to the “Help Center” tab at the top right.
      2. Click that tab.
      3. On the left click on the topic your question relates to.
      4. When the FAQs come up click one.
      5. Scroll to the bottom and click “contact us”

      If you are online:
      1. Ask your question at the bottom of the screen.
      2. When related FAQs come up click one.
      3. Scroll to the bottom and click “Contact Us”
      4. You will be asked your topic and if you want to speak to the expert live via chat or phone.

      If you are still having problems call 1.800.4.intuit
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  5. I just efiled my Turbo Tax return and am concerned at the lower tax rate. My line 42 income shows 19762 and my tax is only 828. How was the $828 arrived at?

    • Hi Ann,
      Without seeing your actual income and deductions, your tax can be lower than you expected due to additional tax credits that directly reduce your tax liability. In addition the federal taxes you paid are deducted from your total tax liability on line 61.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  6. Hi Lisa,
    I just want to know if there are still some glitch in irs refund, first i got the status of my refund april 10, then change to may 1, 2012, is it really the right date to claim my refund ? or there will be again changes on the date ( i filed and accepted by irs last march 22, 2012). thanks.


  7. I am using the desktop version of turbotax home & business 2011.

    Can you tell me Step-by-Step how to find the “Live Free Tax Advise” so i can speak to someone to ask a question about depreciating a rental apartment that is attached to my home please?

  8. After filing my tax return in January, I received a 1099-C. Now, I think that I need to file a 982 form. How can I ammend my tax return to include this form? I received a refund and I’m concerned that the amount on the 1099-C may have needed to be included as income and I may need to pay the difference in refund. I would like to take care of this immediately to avoid any penalties. Should I log-in and ammemd on TurboTax or should I correspond with IRS by mail?

  9. Hi, my State Income Tax Refund was supposed to be $2,003 “guarantied”, however, the VA Department of Taxation refunded me $913. The $1,090 they deducted was the 2011 Income Tax Refund (total overpayment). Could you clarify whether the reimbursement amount was correct, or not? Thanks in advance for your help!

  10. Somehow I entered the wrong amount of my state taxes withheld. I can’t find where to enter my revised amount. In what section do I enter my state taxes that were withheld?

  11. I forgot to put my social security benefits on my tax return and the federal has been accepted do I need to amend this? it says form SSA-1099 and looking through everything none of it is taxable. Please help.

    • Hi Joan,
      The free tax advice offering is available through TurboTax online or through TurboTax desktop, which is the way you are routed to an agent.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  12. I know I put a comment on yesterday and I don’t see it now, I left my page open all day and never got a reply. I am getting really antsy as to where my money is and why I am not getting a scheduled date of refund when I got an email saying it was received on the same day I filed. I am at 20 of the 21 days it says to wait, and have never had to wait this long in the past. I know people who filed after me and got there money back already… I thought it might have to do with the 1099, but I one person I know has got there’s and filed with a 1099 also…. please tell me a # I can call to get a timeline, I just get automated machines with no answers… help!

  13. Turbo tax will not allow deduction for my home office. Turbo tax contact claims that IRS has changed the rules and that home office deductions are no longer permitted. I think this is wrong. How can I get Turbo Tax to accept these deductions?

    • Hi Hoklewriter,
      You can deduct home office deductions. If you are an employee you would deduct them as follows: Go to the Federal Taxes tab, Deductions and Credits, click Explore on my own, scroll down to job-Related expenses, click start. Follow the prompts. You will then be guided to home office deductions. If you are self-employed your home office deductions should go on schedule C. If you need to put them on schedule C, go to the Wages & Income tab, Click Explore on My Own, scroll down to business income and expenses, click start.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

    • Hi Adil,
      If you are filing with TurboTax, form 8453 will automatically be generated if you choose to efile. The program will just ask you questions and information necessary for the form.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • thankyou for answering my question, but it asks me 2 questions , AGI housle hold income and
        last year taxes so what do i answer

  14. Why is there no phone number listed to speak with a live person? TurboTax has attached a “ghost” form to my return and I can not find how to delete it from my return so I can efile…Please please help…

    • Hi Pamela,
      Sorry you are having problems. To get in touch with an agent you can go through your online tax return. There are options on every page for free tax advice. They will ask you if you want to talk via live chat or phone and also ask what the problem relates to.
      I can give you instructions here, but if you have any problems go through the tax software.
      If you are online go to the home page of your tax return, Scroll down the left side of of the tax return, go to “Delete a Form”, Click “Delete a Form”, all the forms associated with your form will show up, scroll to the form you need to delete, click that form and delete.
      If you are in desktop, Go to View in the upper left corner, click “Go to Forms”, On the left you will see forms associated with your return, click the form you want to delete, “Go to Forms”, Click “Remove name of form”, It will ask if you are sure you want to delete, Click “Yes”. To get back to easy step, Go to the left-hand corner, “click easy step”
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  15. I am spending way too much time trying to figure out what the IRS wants from me. I have done everything that they want as far as I can see and it still keeps rejecting my submission for e-filing. I need someone to talk to as the Company shows that they do.

    • Hi Paula,
      I’m sorry you are having some problems.
      To speak with an agent you have to get in your tax return and select ask a tax expert. You will be asked if you want to talk to the via phone or live chat. You will even be asked the category of your question so they can route you to the appropriate tax professional.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  16. I am not sure which Turbo tax product is right for me. I have a rental property and I am also a mortgage loan officer ( I am W-2 ) however, I have to pay for all of my own office and marketing expenses etc. Which product would be best for me.. Thank.s

  17. My wife works from home, but does not own the business. She works as a temp for IBM. Which Turbo Tax software should she use? Everything else is simple (no stocks)

    • Hi Eric,
      If your wife works from home, but doesn’t have any expenses related to owning her own business you can use deluxe.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

    • Hi LQ,
      Wait until you receive an acceptance and then amend the tax return. Do not amend it until you have received acceptance, because if it is unfortunately rejected you can just go in and add the info and resubmit it.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  18. It appears the T/Tax does not take into account that the State of Arizona DOES NOT tax social security only other sources of income. So I am stuck with being unable to file AZ state unless there is a correction to the software.

      • Hi Chris,
        You are given the option to be transferred to one of our free tax advice experts through TurboTax online when you are in your tax return. You will be prompted to enter your category of question and whether you want to talk by phone or chat then you are routed to a tax professional.
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • I E filed with TT on Feb. 3rd. Got thru everything. I was accepted on TT with no errors. I printed off my paperwork as a copies for myself. I was charged my 29. for state as expected. I check my bank account it was taken out. Now, how come when I check the status of my e file the TT and IRS does not know who I am? I entered all my info correctly. I double checked everything. I’m very worried my E file failed in the system somewhere.

      • Hello everyone,

        The IRS has updated it’s Where’s My Refund site with additional FAQs: http://www.irs.gov/newsroom/article/0,,id=254102,00.html
        We want to quickly share any updates we receive through IRS because we know many of you are still waiting for your refund status and estimated direct deposit date. We really appreciate your patience in this really frustrating time and we’ll continue to provide updates as we receive them from IRS.

        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • If I used Turbo Tax Home and Business in 2010 can I switch to Turbo Tax Priemer in 2011 if my spouse and I no longer have a business? Or do you have to stick with the same program year after year for compatability?

      • Hi Toni,
        No it is no problem to switch to premier. If you are filing online just select the Premier product.
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • Do I have to pay interest on my savings bond interest even though I am gifting them to my daughter? I know she does not have to pay tax on the gift under $13000 – right? But what about me – the one who is gifting the bond?

      • Hi Patricia,
        You would still have to pay the interest reported on form 1099 if the interest was paid in 2011. In addition, it sounds like you have not gifted the bonds yet and may be gifting them in the future so you would have to pay interest. Neither you or your daughter will have to pay tax on the gift when you gift it if it is under $13,000.
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

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