Pennies Saved: Pay Off Bills by Filing Taxes Yourself [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tax Planning

While monthly expenses may not seem like much in terms of pennies, they can really add up at the end of the month. On average, you save $100 or more over the leading tax store by choosing TurboTax and filing taxes yourself. See how $100 in tax filing savings and using tax software could help  your monthly bottom line.

Photographic by Column 5

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  1. My husband made almost $60,000 this year. Will we get more taxes back if we file on my non taxed income with his taxed income or will we end up getting less on our taxes

  2. I received life insurance money from the death of a spouse several years ago which at that time was invested into an anuity. I have cashed in that anuity. What portion is taxable?
    I also have whole life insurance now and am thinking of cashing it in for the cash value. Is the cash value taxable as income?

  3. Hi Peter,
    We are just graphically representing what savings can be when doing your taxes yourself instead of going to a tax store and comparing savings to other monthly bills. The savings could be applied any way someone wanted. Your example is correct if you saved a total of $120, you could apply the $10/mo to your broadband bill of $70 or apply that savings to a couple of bills. It would be up to you. The important thing to remember is your saving. Hope this makes it more clear!
    Thank you,
    Lisa Greene-Lewis

  4. What are you talking about? are you saying stretched over the year it would save me that much? So for example if my broadband is 70 per month and I saved 120 by filing myself that would make my broadband bill 60/month essentially?

    It can’t be that because you guys have cable being knocked down to 40 dollars that’s a $720 savings. I’m sorry I’m just confused on what’s this is supposed to represent 🙁

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