Last Minute Tax Tips Before Filing Your Tax Return

Tax Planning

The tax filing deadline is just around the corner. If you are still working on your tax return, focus on key areas of the tax return where people sometimes make easy mistakes.


A simple mistake can delay IRS processing of your tax return.   That’s not the end of the world but is certainly something we should avoid just by double-checking the details.

Here some small pieces of advice for the last minute taxpayers this year:

File electronically:   TurboTax has free e-file available to all taxpayers. Many can e-file their federal individual tax returns for free. According to the IRS,  last year nearly 143 million taxpayers opted for the IRS e-file to submit their individual tax returns.

Check the identification numbers: Carefully check identification numbers-usually Social Security numbers- for each person listed. This includes spouse, dependents, and persons listed in relation to claims for the Child and Dependent Care Credit or Earned Income Tax Credit. Missing, incorrect or illegible Social Security numbers can delay or reduce your tax refund.

Double-check your figures: Before sending the return in the mail or before submitting  your tax return online by e-file, double-check  entries from any receipts.

Send the return to the right address: If you are mailing the return, find the correct mailing address. The addresses can vary depending on state or if it is an individual or a corporation. There are also differences if it is an amended return or an extension. Make sure about the right place to send your tax return.

Pay electronically: The electronic payment is another option. You can authorize an electronic funds withdrawal or use a credit or a debit card.

Follow instructions to send the payment: people sending a payment should make the check payable to “United States Treasury” and should enclose it with, but not attached it to, the tax return or the form 1040-V, payment voucher, if used. The checks should include the Social Security number of the person listed first on the return, daytime phone number, the tax year and the type of form filed.

Still Have Questions? Get Help: TurboTax has CPAs, IRS enrolled agents, and tax attorneys standing by ready to help.  Only TurboTax lets you talk to tax experts while you’re preparing your tax return, free.

These easy last minute steps will help you make the tax deadline.

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