How to Save While Getting Fit

Tax Planning How to Save While Getting Fit

Many of us make health a priority in our New Year’s resolutions, but all the super foods and exercise classes can take a toll on our bank accounts!

However, there are ways you can save money and get fit at the same time. Here are our top 5 tips to get your body and finances into shape this year:

Take it outside. Gym memberships are pricey, with an average monthly membership costing $58! Keep that money in your pocket by taking a walk to the park, running on your neighborhood trail, or even going on a hike! If none of these options are available where you live, try running the stairs at your apartment, walking your dog, or anything else that gets your heart rate up.

Become a master chef. If you don’t already have a few staple recipes in your repertoire, now’s the time to get cooking! While it might take more time to prepare, eating healthy meals at home saves you a hefty chunk of calories and cash.

Look to your community. If you need a little more motivation, there are usually opportunities for free or cheap fitness classes in your community. Check into your local Lululemon, or other athletic stores, as they offer free yoga classes or run clubs throughout the week. Your community center might also offer a Zumba class or weight training for much less than the gym.

Cut back on caffeine. Those jitters from your morning latte can take a toll on your budget. The average American spends $3.25 on a single trip to the coffee shop. Add that up, and you’re spending almost $800 a year on coffee alone! If you can’t stand mornings without caffeine, start to DIY with a French press at home. It’s a cheaper and healthier option than wasting your money (and calories!) on Starbucks.

Bike to work. Not all of us live within a reasonable distance from the office, but if you do, it might be worth considering ditching your car for your bike. The average monthly cost of owning a car is $725! By riding your bike to work, you not only save money, but it gets your body moving.

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