Happy Earth Day! 5 Savings Tips to Enjoy the Outdoors

Tax Planning Woman paddling a sea kayak along the Turquoise Coast, Aegean Sea, Turkey.

Today marks Earth Day, a time to branch out of your indoor routine and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. Along with the tradition of planting trees, there are many ways you can celebrate the outdoors on a dime! Here are some tips and tricks to conserve the environment while keeping money in your pocket.

1. Ride a bike. The benefits of riding a bike are numerous. It’s a fantastic way to get exercise, take in the outdoors, save the environment from carbon emissions, while saving money on gas. If you don’t already own a bicycle, there will be some upfront costs involved as you purchase a bike and helmet. But once you get cycling, you’ll start to see the pennies add up!

2. Organize a potluck picnic. While BBQs are a treasured warm weather pastime, all those hotdogs and hamburgers can get pretty pricey. Organize a potluck picnic in the park for friends and family to save some extra dough in the summertime. You’ll have to do a little planning to make sure you don’t end up with an entire table of potato chips and dip, but the savings will be worth the extra time.

3. Break a sweat. Not only is working out in the fresh air of the great outdoors invigorating, but the scenery definitely beats the plain white walls of a gym. Grab some friends and go on a hike, do yoga, or play a game of soccer in the park. Whatever your exercise of choice is, getting outside will save you big bucks on a gym membership.

4. Do some stargazing. Don’t have the extra cash to take your sweetie out for a fancy dinner, but still want to treat them to a romantic night? There’s nothing better than the star-filled sky on a clear night. Grab a blanket, some snacks and a map of the stars to see how many constellations you can spot.

5. Bring the outdoors inside. With all your savings from enjoying the outdoors on a budget you can use that money to invest in powering your home with the energy from the sun and wind. Renovations to make your home green will save you thousands in the long run, and you’ll be eligible for energy efficiency tax credits. Solar panels and wind turbines will generate electricity for your home, and could put some green back in your pocket come tax time.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy the outdoors while saving money? Regardless, get out and enjoy!

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