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Ask a Tax Expert Mark Farmer

Ask a Tax Expert Mark Farmer

Ask a Tax Expert Mark Farmer


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  1. I;m trying to enter my ssa-1099 into my taxes. On line five I put in what I earn. Line 6 7 8 are blank because no benifits taken out, So now I get an error, how do I fix it

    1. Hi James,
      I am in the product and there is no box number 7 or 8, but there are boxes without numbers for medicare B, C, and D premiums so hopefully you are on the “Tell Us About the Benefits You Received” screen. You should not get an error if the income was social security benefits and that is the screen you are on.
      I would suggest going in and double checking your entries. You can also delete them and enter them again. If you are still having difficulties you can go to a live tax expert through your tax return so they can actually speak to you or even do a live look at your tax return.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

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