A Tip to Save Money in the Fall

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Is saving in the fall different than saving any other time of the year?  On  one hand, I’d say, “No.”  The definition of saving is spending less than you earn.

Unless you make a lot more money per week in one season of the year versus another, you pretty much have the same challenge year-round.

On the other hand, the options for things to do which either cost a lot (or don’t cost a lot) of money, vary significantly by the season.  Here’s one example of where the fall season made it really easy for me to save while having fun.

For years before we started a family, my wife and I took countless walks together.  Admittedly simple, walking has always been something we really enjoyed.

With the increased time pressure childrearing brings, our walks are much more sacred. Far fewer occur and, when they do, there are never just two of us. But, as a proud father, I’d never trade my new life for the one I had before.

As we walked across town, we ran into friends similarly out for a morning stroll with their children. We formed a “stroller parade” for a few blocks before we each went our ways.

We completed our walk to the playground, but the morning took on an entirely new meaning when we discovered an enormous pile of leaves up the hill from the park.

Anyone growing up in an area where the leaves fall annually has memories of lying down and jumping in the piles.

The three of us played vigorously, tackling one another and throwing leaves all around. It was suddenly easy to recall how autumn felt as a child.

Yet it was a totally different experience as a parent. “Truly special,” my wife and I agreed as we walked home. And my daughter has talked about “pouncing in the leaves” every day since.

Was it a great morning? Sure, but it was much more. If nothing else good happens until December, I’ve already had a great fall.

Last Sunday’s experience at the park is something which will be with me forever: my daughter’s first time playing in the leaves. We made a memory together without spending any money.

Can you create merely one day like that later this month?  Don’t wait until the winter – the formula for saving never changes.

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