8 Organizational Apps to Get You Ready for the New School Year

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With the new school year approaching (and some places already started!), it’s time to make a mental shift and get back into college mode. Between the multiple overlapping deadlines for papers, prepping for huge exams, and setting up a meeting with lab and project partners, it’s easy to miss some key assignments.

Do yourself a huge favor and grab a few of these essential apps to make sure you’re on top of everything!

  • Slack: If you’re tackling group projects or just keep tabs without hassle, Slack is a wonderful choice. It has a free option with lots of features like real-time messaging, document sharing, and conversation threads. I’ve been using Slack to keep in touch with my mastermind group.
  • Evernote: Popular options with lots of features. I used this extensively when I was working on my marriage and money book. It was easy to jot down my notes, research, and drafts. You can quickly search through the massive amount of data.
  • Google Inbox: With everyone and everybody sending emails, I’ve had to adjust my system. Google Inbox has made things easier to find and allows me to keep tabs on what’s going on.
  • Tinycards: Looking for a way to review before a big exam? This flash card app can help you prep on the go using your phone.
  • Scanner Pro: Don’t lose those important papers! You can use your iPhone to scan your documents and store them.
  • Box: You see a theme here? Keeping track of your big files is crucial! Box makes it simple and you can sync it up with your desktop. This has been a big help for my audio and video projects.
  • RefMe: While I do a pretty good job getting notes for papers, getting the format correct with citations was a headache and tedious. RefMe allows you to get it down by simply scanning the reference. You then choose the format and boom! It’s done.
  • Duolingo: Learning another language is a wonderful way to connect with others. If you’re taking some courses this semester you can speed up the process with Duolingo. It makes picking up another language like a game.

You may not need all of these apps, but downloading and installing the crucial ones will make this school year much more manageable.

Thoughts on the Best Organizational Apps

I shared some of my favorites, I’d love to hear from you. What apps do you to stay on top of things?

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