5 Best Cities for Family Summer Vacations

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Summertime for many families means taking a vacation. Growing up, some of my favorite memories are road trips we took around the East Coast. It was an opportunity to spend time together and discover a little bit of the United States.

Travel Deals
Travel Deals

Now that we have a little one, we’re looking forward to enjoying some family vacations of our own. How about you? Are you looking for some vacation ideas for this summer?

Road Trip or Flying Over

Depending on where you currently live, you have different options on how to get to your selected destination. While it certainly matters how much time you have for the break, I prefer taking a road trip if possible. Besides saving money on the flight, it’s also a wonderful way to learn the areas around your destinations, including some hole in the wall spots that you may otherwise miss with a flight.

Best Cities for Family Vacations

If you’re looking at taking your family on a summer vacation without breaking the bank,  here are cities that you may want to check out.

Atlanta, GA

If you want to check a metropolitan city without paying exorbitant prices, then Atlanta can be a great deal. Besides having beautiful downtown destinations like the Georgia Aquarium or the Cola Cola Factory Tour, you can also relax over at Stone Mountain Park and have a family picnic.

Savannah, GA

Lovely Savannah has some great scenery as downtown is home to some beautiful parks and the Savannah College of Art and Design. You can also enjoy riding a riverboat, hanging out at the beach, or appreciate some one of a kind art at a gallery.

Asheville, NC

What better way to escape the sweltering heat than a visit to the mountains? You can take the family on a camping trip, go horseback riding, and enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re more comfortable in a hotel, there are some bed and breakfasts around that have some of the most fantastic mountain views.

Memphis, TN

If you’re looking at incorporating some music into your family vacation, then Memphis, TN is the perfect spot. Stroll down Beale Street and see musical talents from all genres. You can also enjoy some of the best barbecue in the country as well. It’s a win-win!

Washington, D.C

History buffs and museum aficionados can appreciate what Washington D.C. has to offer up. With many destinations a short walk away from each other, you can keep the family busy and fit with a vacation to our nations’ capital.

Biggest Bang for Your Buck

If you’re looking to maximize your trip and cut back on travel costs, then using online travel sites can be perfect for you. Using the bidding feature on some travel sites can help you decrease costs by 30% or more. For us, it means planning ahead with bidding and starting low, slowly working our way up until the bid is accepted.

The downside of bidding is that you don’t know what hotel you’re going to get until the bid is accepted, however there are ways to make sure you’re getting a good hotel. We’re very specific about the type of hotel we want (at least 3 1/2 stars) and the part of the city we’re looking for. We’ve been on several vacations and have gotten some great deals using travel sites like Priceline.

Thoughts on Summer Vacations

What are your plans for your summer vacation this year? What have been some of your favorite destination spots in the past and why?

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  1. These are wonderful travel destinations!

    By the way… not only is Washington D.C. fun and exciting, it can be an education vacation for families. Kids will see the wonderful monuments in addition to the White House.

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