4 Ways to Save While Planning Your Party

Tax Planning

Whether you’re celebrating a friend’s birthday, a new promotion, or a holiday get-together, throwing a party can require extra time, energy and money before the festivities begin. So we’ve pulled together four ways to save so that your party doesn’t empty your wallet!

Budget: There’s no need to stress about how much money you’ll be spending on your party when you set a budget. You’ll know exactly how much should and will go into your party planning with no surprises. If you don’t have an exact amount of what you’d like to spend, take into account all the people you’ll be inviting over and what kind of elements you’d like to have at your party. If you have a larger group, the majority of your budget should go into food and beverages. If you’re hosting a small party, then plan on having a little extra more money for decorations.

Host a Potluck: Have your guests bring dishes and drinks for everyone to enjoy. “BYO” treats not only provides a great variety of food, but will also help save money, plus a massive shopping trip. Check out these simple and inexpensive finger foods that are bound to make a delicious impression on your guests:

DIY Activities: It can be tempting to hire entertainers or go to the movies for easy amusement, but those extra activities can add up. Save money by turning your phone into a DIY Photo Projecter for cheaper than a movie ticket or you can purchase fun group games like Yahtzee to get everyone involved. Also, with all the streaming services offered nowdays, you can sign up for inexpensive sites, like Netflix or Hulu, and watch as many movies as you like.

Invite Online: Snail mail used to be the go-to way to invite people for get-togethers, but sending digital invites are now only faster, but will also save you money. No need to spend money on envelopes and stamps – you can create a free Facebook event online with customized settings and even include creative recipe ideas for guests to bring if it’s a potluck.

Check out our other planning savings tips here. Now that you have all these money saving tips and tricks, it’s time to get the party started!

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