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All About the Proposed California Gas Tax Rebate 570x464 (411 × 600 px)

What You Need to Know About the Proposed California Gas Tax Rebate

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Update, 6/30/22: Governor Newsom signed a new $307.9 billion state budget this week which includes a 17 billion stimulus relief package to help Californian families. As part of the package, families will receive a one-time payment up to $1,050 to help ease the burden of high gas prices and inflation. Find out more information here.

If you’re feeling pain at the pump you are not alone. Americans are experiencing the highest gas prices in history along with the rising costs of overall living essentials. For California, gas prices are topping in the $7.00 range in some areas.

To help lighten the financial burden of the recent surge for Californians, Governor Newsom has proposed a $400 state gas tax rebate. 

In its current state, the proposed California Gas Tax Rebate is a $400 state gas tax rebate that, if passed, would be issued to California vehicle owners to help cover the high price of gas that so many have been experiencing. Owners that support families with more than one car in use may receive up to two $400 rebates. The proposal also provides relief for free public transportation.

The relief is still under debate with several other proposals floating around. Check back with the TurboTax blog for the most up to date information about the California Gas Tax Rebate and its passage.

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