Tweet Those Tax Questions! @TeamTurboTax Has Your Answers

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Have you ever debated whether or not you can claim someone as a dependent? Or wondering if your employer is late with your W-2? For those of you turning to Twitter for answers, @TeamTurboTax is back on Twitter to answer tax and customer support questions.

While we can’t clear your busy schedule of household tasks, @TeamTurboTax can tell you how to account for your family members at tax time, how to report your charitable deductions, and much more. @TeamTurboTax is just one of the ways TurboTax helps you get your maximum refund with minimum worry or hassle.

If you’re still getting used to Twitter, don’t fret – we have a great alternate for you. You can a free answer to your tax question by visiting Free Tax Question until January 31st.

12 responses to “Tweet Those Tax Questions! @TeamTurboTax Has Your Answers”

  1. So if the irs acknowledge my return on jan 24 2014 so in eight days I should have my return m I right or wrong can some one please answer my question.

  2. this is my first time using efiling and i need to know where to find “where did you do your return last year” and my efiling was rejected so can i clear everything and start over

  3. was wondering why my federal was accepted right away but my mn state is still pending it says there waiting for agnowledgement.

  4. Gina… It usually takes the IRS about 8 days, but it can vary. While i agree that if the IRS accepted your return on 1/20, then you should expect to see the refund in your bank account via direct deposit by 1/28. Check again on Monday.

    Bob Meighan

    VP, TurboTax

  5. the IRS acknowledged my return on the 20th of january when can i expect my return? Thought it took 8 days with direct deposit to my turbotax card

  6. Is that true that we can only mail in our return if we have to pay back some of the new buyer housing credit this year. I love efile

  7. I purchased you home n business plus your corporate business too. On your home n business I am getting an error for schedule E/k-1 Scorp I have updated the progam and I am still being told this page is not available, can you tell why?

  8. Will the 2010 Turbo Tax program gather income and deductions from Domestic Partners and make the correct split for each indiviual return?

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