The IRS Opens E-file Monday for Taxpayers Impacted by Processing Delays

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The IRS begins accepting 2010 tax returns affected by IRS processing delays on Monday. There are officially no longer any reasons to wait to file your taxes!

Starting Monday, you can e-file your tax return with TurboTax, even if you are itemizing deductions or claiming the Higher Education Tuition and Fees Deduction or the Educator Expense Deduction and get your refund back in as little as 8 days with direct deposit.

“It’s time to get down to business and claim your tax refund,” said Bob Meighan, CPA and vice president of TurboTax. “More than 75 percent of all taxpayers got a refund last year and, according to the IRS, federal refunds averaged almost $3,000. You want that money back in your pocket where it belongs and TurboTax guarantees you won’t get a bigger tax refund anywhere else.*”

Already Filed With TurboTax?

TurboTax began accepting e-filed returns on Jan. 6 for all taxpayers and held returns for taxpayers impacted by IRS processing delays and unable to e-file. The IRS will open e-file for those returns Monday, Feb 14.  However, during the week of Feb. 14-18, the IRS is limiting the number of tax returns it accepts daily to manage their systems capacity and ensure successful filings of all returns.  The IRS has required that transmitters of e-filed returns, including Intuit, to stagger submission of returns from Feb. 14 to Feb. 18.

This means that some taxpayers may experience delays in their return processing and in the time it takes to receive their federal tax refund.  We know getting a fast refund is important to customers and we are working closely with the IRS to process all tax returns as quickly as their systems will allow.  You will receive a confirmation from TurboTax that your return has been successfully e-filed and will receive acknowledgment that the IRS has accepted your return 24-72 hours after.

Where’s My Refund?

With tax season officially in full swing, the most popular question we get is “Where’s my tax refund?”

TurboTax has a quick and easy answer. “MyTaxRefund” is a free, easy-to-use iPhone and iPad app that helps you get the status of your federal tax refund. If you e-filed your return, sorry no snail mail, you can download the MyTaxRefund app to get the status of your return and see the IRS estimate on when your refund will be received.

* To learn more about TurboTax products and Maximum Refund Guarantee details, go to

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    • We also filed on February 1 and it says the same thing “still processing”. Have you received a date yet? We had child tax credit and earned income credit the its site says to refer to topic 152 about these credits being issued after Feb 21. Did you have these credits also?

  1. We e-file through TurboTax on January 28 said excepted on the IRS site have not received It as of yet today is March 8 called the IRS they said they received it on February 18 we will not be seeing it till approximately another week or two all the dates are mixed up first time we ever use TurboTax we are not happy !!!

    • yes can you please tell me where you called because every number I get they just get the stupid recording said it’s still being processed I did mine on 30 January with TurboTax and still say it is been my processing can you please give me your number you called and talk to somebody so I can talk to somebody thank you

  2. My return was accepted by TT on 2/25th however on the WhereMyRefund site for the IRS it states my refund is still processing and I should receive it within 21 days of receipt. I understand the delay was due to the 8863 form however, am I expected to incur even further delay with the staggered processing that will be conducted on 2/14-18th?

  3. i have filed my tax return electornically and the H&R website says that the IRS has accepted my e-file. it already has been more than a week since i filed and everytime i check the status it says nothing on the IRS site. what’s with the delay? also in the past since i’m divorced i claim my two kids every odd year and never had to send a 8332 form in order to claim them. will i not get my return until i send this 8332 form?

  4. i filed my refund on jan 16th.2012 it was accepted on jan 17th 2012.they gave me a date of jan 25th to receive my deposit never refund wasnt found for 2 weeks after that.Now my refund say if i filed correctly it could take up to six weeks from the received date.this wed makes six weeks am i going to get it on wed? whats going on here and why did it take this long?i need my return asap!!!

  5. my return was accepted by the feds on feb 2.
    it is feb 16 and still no refund and when i access the fed site ‘where’s my refund’ they say they have no info of my return and thus no refund status. i called up the IRS and they said wait another week. Is this turbo taxes fault?
    what should i do?

    • Hi Brenda,
      I am not sure how you filed and when you filed, but I would suggest checking the IRS “Where’s My Refund?” site here,,id=96596,00.html

      “Where’s My Refund?” is updated every Wednesday, so check after Wednesday for the most up to date Information.

      Or you can call the IRS Refund Hotline (800) 829-1954 or their Automated Information Line (800) 829-4477 to get your federal refund status.

      The IRS issues refunds every Friday, so if you check on Friday and you don’t get an expected date, wait until the next Friday to check back.

      If you don’t receive your refund within 28 days from the original IRS mailing date listed, you can also use Where’s My Refund? to initiate a refund trace.
      I hope this helps you!
      Best regards,
      Lisa Lewis

  6. I’ve bene filing using turbo-tax for over 2 years. I’ve really enjoyed the ease and quickness of everything! It took about a week and a half to two weeks for mt refund to go through. Love turbo tax it’s the best.

  7. Why I can’t e-file my federal return from the state of Florida. Every time I try e-file my return on the Turbo Tax program, it keeps telling me can’t e-file in Florida. WHY????

  8. Is it really true that ALL taxes can now be filed electronically. I have applied for the Homebuyer’s Credit, and TT told me my taxes could not be filed electronically.

    Bill Hogan

  9. i checked where’s my refund it said it was mailed our march 11th i called irs and the guy told me the same thing i called back march 17th cause i didnt get it and this lady told me im not getting a refund it’s being reviewed as of march 4th but how and i have a date saying it was mailed out in accepted already do she know what she’s talking about

  10. I sent my e-file in on feb.28th and got a reply back on march 2nd saying it will take 24-72hrs. for TT to notify me if my return is accepted.It’s been longer than that.Now what??

    • Hey Ashley I filed my taxes on January 25th thur TurboTax and it says it was accepted and when I would go and check it there was code 1541 and as of March 1st it now says they have received my taxes and they are being process can u please tell me what all this means please..

  11. Hi AJ,

    The IRS is the end all be all when it comes to what date you can expect your refund. The TurboTax app and site update your refund information based on the IRS time table. The IRS only updates your refund estimate once a week….on Wednesdays, so you should check on Wednesday for the most up to date info.

    Did you sign up for direct deposit to get your refund?


  12. I filed on Feb. 10th, it was accepted on Feb. 16th I still haven’t recieved my return, it’s been close to a month, when will it be dd?

  13. 3-5-2011. I’m having trouble downloading updates. My internet connection is up and working but I cannot get the updates to download. Any ideas?????

  14. Spent a couple of retirement hours reading all the comments. What I find amusing is that the majority of the writers seem to think that TT Ashley can resolve all the problems created by Congress and the IRS. Have any of you watched the news lately? On the assumption that all of the authors have at least two digits in their IQ number, you need to just sit back and listen to yourselves. When does the government or any of its agencies do anything in a logical, sequential manner, tax refunds notwithstanding? I’d love to add an image to this, but they didn’t have one of the north end of a horse traveling south

  15. I filed using Turbo tax on Monday February 21st, It is now March 2nd and I have received no confirmation that the IRS has accepted or rejected my filings. What should I do

  16. I filed my taxes with Turbo on 1-31 but they had to be held until 2-14 when the IRS would begin accepting them. It was accepted by the IRS on 2-16 and my direct deposit was scheduled for 2-25. I checked on where’s my refund on 2-26, 2-27, 2-28 and 3-1 and it said “we have received your tax return and it is being processed you should receive your return on 3-1. It’s 3-2 now and still no refund and now the IRS says my tax returns are being processed and no date is given on my refund deposit. This is so frustrating.

  17. how do i know if my return was approved…the site irs site says i should receive my return on the 8th but can i be so sure if the turbo tax site says that it was just accepted

  18. My returns were accepted on 2/17. The IRS website says in will get my refund by 3/15, turbotax calendar says by 3/4 and th iPad app says 2/25 which has passed and the bank that processes the return says 3/4 so who is correct. This is my second year using turbo tax and my last. I had issues last year. If it’s only supposed to take 8-14 days…really what dates are you going by

  19. Hi TTAshley, i have recieved my federal but still have not recieved my state, an they were both already accepted. everyone in my family e-filed the same day i had and they all have already gotten both of theirs along with a few other people i know. i keep checking and still nothing. i would like to know why i still havent received my state refund yet.

  20. HI Desiree,

    Do to the high volume of returns the IRS is receiving, you might see delays in the time it takes to get your refund. I recommend checking the IRS Where’s My Refund tool for the latest information on when you can expect your refund.,,id=96596,00.html

    Keep in mind, the IRS only updates it once a week on Wednesdays, so check back after Wednesday for the most current status.


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