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The TurboTax Blog > Tax News > IRS Announces E-file Opens January 30, 2013

IRS Announces E-file Opens January 30, 2013

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Today, the IRS announced that it will begin accepting e-filed tax returns for the vast majority of U.S. taxpayers on January 30, about a week later than expected.

Tax Return

The IRS anticipates that it will be able to process tax returns for about 120 million taxpayers, including those affected by AMT, the educator expense deduction, the higher education tuition and fees deduction and the state and local sales tax deduction.

Even though the IRS does not anticipate any tax refund delays due to the week slip in accepting refunds, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you get your tax refund back as quickly as possible:

1.  File Now!  Don’t wait!

  •      TurboTax is up-to-date with all recent tax law changes and has been accepting e-filed tax returns since January.
  •    TurboTax will hold and securely submit your tax return to the IRS on a first-in, first-out basis. So filing now puts you first in line for your tax refund.

2.  E-file and Use Direct Deposit

  •   E-file and direct deposit are the fastest way to get your tax refund.
  •  The IRS does not anticipate any associated tax refund delays once processing begins on January 30. The IRS expects to issue 9 out of 10 tax refunds in 21 days or less.
  • The IRS will not process paper returns before January 30.

3.  Get Expert Answers to Your Tax Questions

  •     Taxpayers wondering how recent tax law changes may impact their taxes can contact TurboTax tax experts, who are available year round to answer taxpayer questions, free.
  •   Only TurboTax lets taxpayers talk to certified public accountants, Internal Revenue Service enrolled agents or tax attorneys as often as they like while they’re preparing their tax return, free.

According to IRS, taxpayers claiming the residential energy credit and businesses claiming depreciation and amortization and general business credit will be able to file tax returns in late February or early March due to additional forms and processing requirements.

There’s no need to wait to file your tax return. Get started now to get a jump on your tax refund.

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    1. Hi Monica- Unfortunately, once your return was submitted, if you remove the energy credit form, the IRS won’t receive the change. It would just make your return inaccurate when you transfer next year’s data over. Thanks, Karen

  1. Good Morning,
    Let me start off by saying that I have never had a tax experience in the past like I have had this tax year ending December 2012. I am a senior in college and several friends who are working on masters degrees who utilized turbo tax with the 1098 T deduction for their educational credits and expenses and have received their refund respectively. I had Jackson Hewitt prepare my taxes on last year and they charged my over $400.00. With this being said, Turbo Tax seemed to be the economical choice and I have used them before. I just wanted to let the webmaster or powers that be know that I am really disappointed with not just them but the entire refund experience this year. I feel that tax payers who have their monies deducted year out of their paychecks upfront must wait for bills and laws to be passed from congress before they received monies that they overpaid in the first place! Unfair and I will certainly utilize some other means of tax preparation at the end of tax year 2013.

    1. I used H R Block and I’m still waiting for my return- also claimed the education credit- Might not just be TT??

  2. i efiled with turbo taxes as I normally do for the last few years with no problems I am self-employed Stylist. Turbotax said to expect refund on or before Jan 19th its the 20th anr still no refund or information it changed from status bars to no bars and just states we are still processing your return ddd will b provided when available. I dont get the hold is should not be any problems and if so why take so long to make us aware so that it can be corrected.

  3. hi I filed through a regular tax preparer on jan 29 and itstill says processing what is goingon…its been 19 days and nothing has changed….i know there isn’tanything wrong with my return as far as I know and nothing different from last yr so what should i think or do am gettingworried…i opted for direct deposit as well

  4. I have a balance due with the irs and I filed my taxes electronically on 02/07/2013. I filed them to be direct deposit into my account. I will still have a refund after balance is paid will the irs put the remaining balance in my account

  5. please help…i filed my taxes Jan 15 and turbo tax said irs accepted my refund early on Jan 24….however i have education is now Feb 17 and still do not have a dd …the bar on irs website is gone but says still processing a dd will be available… u think something is wrong with mine? or any idea when i should get it? should i call IRS? has anyone got their taxes back that had education credits? geeze its going on 6 weeks

    1. the irs id not processing any refund with education credits until 2/14 so it will be 21 days from 2/14 before u will see your refund .. good luck to you

    2. We have the education credit this year for our son for the first time. We are still waiting it was accepted on 1/30 but we dont have a bar anymore and no due date. We have friend who works for HR block and he said they started acccepting education credit on feb 14. So we dont know when we are getting ours back either it could be 21 days after the 2/14. Hipefully hear something soon.

    3. I have been told that if you have education or loans on your tax return that the did not look at your taxes until Feb 14. Which I think is a rip off! I have been waiting forever to get my return and it is still not here!

  6. hello wanted to know if I received financial aid last year am I able to claim the education credit as well and I have three kids will the EIC return be the same amount as if I claim two children are am I able to claim all three kids and receive the Earn Income Credit for all three

  7. I am using Turbo Tax for my 2012 return. When I got ready to efile, it came back that my return could not be efiled due to some IRS forms not being accepted by efile. I went to see the list of those forms not accepted and I do not have any of those forms in my return. I do have a NOL carryover from 2011, would that prevent my being able to efile? Thanks.Connie

      1. My tax return was accepted by the irs on the 15th, so I don’t have to worry about anything. But when I check my status on the irs page, it states that my return is still being processed.

  8. I e filed w/TT on 1/29/13. It was accepted 1/29/13. I just received a dd of 2/16 but the amount is less due to my sons social security number that I entered was incorrect. How do I correct this and why would they accept it if the number did not match to begin with? I have claimed my child as a dependent for the last 15 years.

  9. Question. What if I e-filed on January 30th and still, at this time in mid-February, my state refund status is still pending and the state has no record of it..can I use a totally new means to “re-file”?? I’m sick of the no answers I am getting from these people. Thank you.

  10. If my E-file return was accepted on Feb 4th. when should I expect my direct deposit? It was looking as though the DD’s go through on Fridays and the 2013 Schedule should have it for tomorrow through Saturday. Thoughts?

    1. My dads was accepted the 13th and hes getting his the 21st which is a thursday the IRS is not telling anyone when they are sending DD until they are done processing your return theres no way too forcast it my friend got accepted on 1/30 and got his on 2/6 so its about a week but no set day. Again they are not giving specific dates like that have in the past. Seems like a week after you get accepted though is about when they are sending refunds give or take a couple days and there arent any issues with said returns.

  11. Filed on Feb 9th. Turbo Tax said it got accepted that night. (I got an email from them) but on It still says its being processed. Why is that? I don’t have any education on there. Or anything else that should be holding it up.

  12. Filed on Feb 9th. Turbo tax sent email and tax saying my refund got accepted on IRS.Gov. It still says its being processed. What does this mean? I have no educational deductions.

    1. Hi John – It may be that they have not updated the system yet. Although, there are other forms that have been delayed besides the education credit. Here is the complete list from the IRS website I would give it a day or so (if you don’t have any of the other forms), then you can try to call them at 800-829-1040 to see what the delay is for your personal situation. Thanks, Karen

  13. “Your federal return is lined up for processing
    The IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them – like yours. Your return will be automatically sent to the IRS as soon as they’re ready to process it. This is a nationwide delay for all returns like yours – no matter who prepares them. ”

    Why did I get an email stating this?

  14. I submitted my taxes on 2/2 and it still says pending more than a week later…whats the deal. I havent been notified of any errors but it still hasnt been recieved. Has this happened to anyone else

  15. What is tax topic 152 mean? Is this stating there’s a problem? It only gives refund information. I opted in for direct deposit but everyone else that filed after me has received their refund. Do I need to worry? On the where’s my refund website, it states that my refund has been accepted and is being processed.

    1. Hi Lana – Tax Topic 152 is just an information article stating the different ways to receive your refund. If your return has been accepted and is being processed, give it a couple days to update the status. If you still don’t see the update for direct deposit, then you can contact the IRS at 800-829-1040 (expect long wait times). Thanks, Karen

  16. I filed on the 26th and mines was accept ed hoever when i check where is my refund its still says processing and people who filed after me have got they money

  17. I filed both my federal and ca state taxes on jan. 30 th 2013. Both were accepted the next day, jan. 31 st. I checked my state refund status today and it stated exactly that the processing time has been exceeded. What does that mean? I tried calling the number for a representative, but it was busy all day.

  18. TAX PRODUCTS PE2 – SBTPG LLC I received my refund very much short of what I was supposed to get. After being with turbo tax for years I’ve never gotten something like this can you please explain?

    1. Same problem here. WMR site said refund amount dd on feb 27th, but it was about $2000 less. I also got my DD from TAX PRODUCTS PE2 – SBTPG LLC.

      1. Hi Laura,
        The Department of Treasury’s Financial Management Service (FMS), which issues IRS tax refunds, has been authorized by Congress to conduct the Treasury Offset Program. Through this program, your refund or overpayment may be reduced by FMS and offset to pay:
        Past-due child support;
        Federal agency non-tax debts;
        State income tax obligations; or
        Certain unemployment compensation debts owed to a state.
        You can read more here
        I hope this helps.
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

  19. Due to being single & unemployed most of 2012, my child received a full tuition including room & board and dining allowance; does my 18 yr old child have to file taxes? She has never worked before nor filed taxes. I do claim her on my taxes.

    1. Oh, and by the way, I used the H&R Block software and compared it to Turbo Tax this year even though I’ve been a loyal customer of Turbo Tax for years. Since they screwed us over with the delay on integrating the new 8949 and Schedule D into their software I decided to try something different. Turbo Tax was easier to use, but H&R Block got me a slightly bigger refund using the same numbers. I’m making this switch permanent, and I’m even turning off Quicken and currently looking for an alternative. Intuit has lost a lot of customers this tax season.

  20. Filed taxes February 1st and transmitted. As of today they are still ‘pending’. Everyone else in the family was ‘accepted’ the next day. The only thing we itemize deductions due to work expenses. Any ideas what the holdup is?

  21. Remind me not to use turbo tax next year. Now i know for a fact last Night, updates came in. Forms came in. And today, returns still say pending. TaxAct does not have this same delay. Yes i used the 8863. Irs said early Feb.. TT still says pending. Ugh!! This is frustrating.

    1. I AGREE now i have lost it! I still have pending since 1/30 HR Block Software Next Year because I know the updates came out late Yesterday!! Notice they stopped answering Questions ?

  22. i did not taxies on jan 24th 2013 and now its feb 7th 2013 and the irs stated processing my taxies and i have not seen any changes yet i dont how long till the next step to show and how long it will take for it to tell me a date it will be sent out

  23. I filed and have form 1040 Schedule F included – there is no depreciation on this. Is this form causing a delay of any kind?

  24. I filed my taxes on jan 24 I received an email stating that certain forms were not available when I check your website it states that the forms are available why hasn’t my return been accepted by the IRS?

  25. I have been audited 5 years in a row. For the samething. Is this legal. Now last tax season I sent them everything the asked for. Is it likely I will be audited again. Has anyone ever heard of someone being audited this much. They don’t mess with my federal just my state…One more question. I filed on 1/30 but the tax preparer did not put my claim in until 2/4 does that change my file date to 2/4?

  26. Hello, I received a email saying my kids names and SS# did not match up. I was a mistake because our last names are not the same. I changed it and re e filed the papers. That was on the 30th. Today it still is saying return received. Is it normal to take this long? Should I be worried?

  27. It has been over 72 hours since the IRS starting accepting Tax Returns. I am using Form 8863 for education credits and I have heard that my return will be delayed till mid February, yet everything I read officially only gives a delay till Jan 30. What’s the real story?

    1. The IRS opened its doors for efiling on Jan 30th, but there are still a few common forms that have not yet been finalized. Form 8863-Education Credits-is one of the forms affected. The IRS is saying mid February, but are not giving a specific date as of now. If you are in a big hurry, one option is to efile your return now without the education credit, then file an amendment adding form 8863 to claim the remaining refund once the form is finalized. Form 1040x (amendment) cannot be efiled so it will take 6-8 weeks to receive the funds once you mail it, but its an option if you’re in a hurry!

  28. we filed on the 22 of jan. it is a pretty straight forward deduction with children and a mileage write off for my sub contract business. our neighbors filed the same day and have already been accepted and should get their money between the 9th and the 19. do you know the deductions that take longer than others.
    thank you

  29. I filed my 1040 federal and state taxes on 1/30 with TT. I am claiming residential energy credit, at the end of my online filing, I read that my federal could not be e-filed. So I printed out the 5695 form that was with my paperwork, and mailed it along with the copy B of W-2 Form, and 1099-R forms, 1040 to the IRS. This is what the file by mail instructions told me to do. TT accepted my state income tax and e-filed them. Today, Feb. 4, it TT still shows my state income as filed on 1/30 but is still in the pending stage. I had an online chat with TT and they said my state should be shown as accepted within 24-48 hours. It has been 3 days now. What is the hold-up? Does it have something to do with my Federal not being e-filed as I was told to mail it as I had the 5695 form? Thanks for any clarification. I would really like to know if my federal not being accepted until late Feb.-early March has any affect on my state refund? TT said that it would not affect my state refund.


    1. IRS is saying late February or into March. You have options besides waiting though! You can remove the deduction to file it now, then amend later to add in the depreciation deduction. The amount depreciation claimed will determine how much your refund will change, but unless you bought a major asset, you will be surprised by how little it amounts to. Try removing it, note the decrease in refund, then determine if that amount of money is worth the wait! Also, if the item you listed as a depreciable asset could possibly be listed directly on the Schedule C (self employment form), you can just move it. Ex: Printer purchased for $230. Instead of listing as an asset and deducting it using form 4562, simply add an “office expense” deduction for $230 directly on the Schedule C! That will remove the 4562 form and it will be acknowledged by the IRS immediately.

      1. I am also awaiting acceptance. Can I re-efile after removing the residential energy credit or will that just make things worse.

  31. I received an email stating that my return is delayed because the IRS is not ready to accept certain deductions or credit. When will my return be processed. The email gave no information.

  32. If I have an education deduction, what is the “wait time” or the estimated time since they “are not ready to accept” returns with that deduction??

  33. I completed my taxes on the 25th just a simple 1040 EZ and mine is still pending. Guess i need to cancel with turbotax and go a different rouote or something cuz that doesnt seem right

  34. I filed my return online and I just realized that I left off the amount on line 12DD. My return is being currently processed by the IRS what do I need to do?

  35. Turbo Tax will not accept the security code I type in the box. I can not understand the audio either. I’ve tried several different codes.

  36. I have clients that received their refunds on 1 February, two days ago. They were submitted using TurboTax on 29 January. That is two days, not twenty-one days. The twenty-one day word is nothing more than smokescreen to protect them from excessive inquiries.

    My current issue is with forms for the students. Form 8863, Education Credits can’t be submitted until 15 February? Why. Surely the IRS is kidding. These kids need their money back. I bet the IRS had no issues in making sure the oil companies’ forms are up to date.

    They had many screw ups last year, I think they need a darn good house cleaning at the SES level … and to get off their ass.

  37. I did my taxes with Turbo Tax for the lat few years. Last year they told me that my return was excepted by my state and I have had to send numerous papers back and forth to the state and still have Not got my refund, and they are still looking for more info! Turbo Tax has Not helped me at all to resolve this problem! This year I did my taxes on 01/27/2013 and they told me 24 to 48 hrs to be excepted on January 30th when the IRS starts excepting apps, and now its still pending! I have tried everything to get in touch with what they call experts and Pros, and when I call they say a 5 min wait, then I waited for 15min. to hear them tell me that I still had to wait 39 min to talk to someone! I will not be using Turbo Tax any more!

    1. Hello Jean – I am sorry you have had problems. I can tell you that there are delays with some tax forms this year. If you had form 4562, the IRS will begin processing those returns on Sunday. If you had education credits, those will begin next Thursday. Here’s a link with the details We are experiencing unusually high volume because of those delays. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you, Karen

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