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The TurboTax Blog > Tax News > IRS Announces E-file Opens January 30, 2013

IRS Announces E-file Opens January 30, 2013

Tax News

Today, the IRS announced that it will begin accepting e-filed tax returns for the vast majority of U.S. taxpayers on January 30, about a week later than expected.

Tax Return

The IRS anticipates that it will be able to process tax returns for about 120 million taxpayers, including those affected by AMT, the educator expense deduction, the higher education tuition and fees deduction and the state and local sales tax deduction.

Even though the IRS does not anticipate any tax refund delays due to the week slip in accepting refunds, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you get your tax refund back as quickly as possible:

1.  File Now!  Don’t wait!

  •      TurboTax is up-to-date with all recent tax law changes and has been accepting e-filed tax returns since January.
  •    TurboTax will hold and securely submit your tax return to the IRS on a first-in, first-out basis. So filing now puts you first in line for your tax refund.

2.  E-file and Use Direct Deposit

  •   E-file and direct deposit are the fastest way to get your tax refund.
  •  The IRS does not anticipate any associated tax refund delays once processing begins on January 30. The IRS expects to issue 9 out of 10 tax refunds in 21 days or less.
  • The IRS will not process paper returns before January 30.

3.  Get Expert Answers to Your Tax Questions

  •     Taxpayers wondering how recent tax law changes may impact their taxes can contact TurboTax tax experts, who are available year round to answer taxpayer questions, free.
  •   Only TurboTax lets taxpayers talk to certified public accountants, Internal Revenue Service enrolled agents or tax attorneys as often as they like while they’re preparing their tax return, free.

According to IRS, taxpayers claiming the residential energy credit and businesses claiming depreciation and amortization and general business credit will be able to file tax returns in late February or early March due to additional forms and processing requirements.

There’s no need to wait to file your tax return. Get started now to get a jump on your tax refund.

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      1. You know I hate too say it and I have been a TT customer for years but I really am starting too wonder if TT is getting a little crapy, I know last year I had no documents I was waiting on and for over 3 weeks after the irs started accepting returns I was in a pending state, I got sick of it and redid my return after talking too a IRS agent that informed me if I did redo my return that which ever one was accepted first the other return would be reject I filed with taxslayer on a hunch 2 minutes after I filed I was accepted. Thinking its going too be the same this year again if I have too refile, Im sorry but TT you lost yet another customer!!

    1. If you are using Form 8863 for college credits or a couple other forms they wont even start processing them returns til mid too late feb early march Im a student so here I sit in limbo mine hasnt even been sent too the tax authority so well good luck


  1. It’s an outrage that there is not an edit regarding the delay if you use certain forms while you are completing the return . I completed my return yesterday and had a whopping $265 in depreciation. I would not have claimed depreciation and would have gladly cancelled filing had Turbo tax not waited until after the fact to tell me. Now it says nothing can be done and we simply have to wait until March for the IRS to allow us to file. I think it is ridiculous, not just by the IRS, but also by Turbo Tax to not provide a warning during the process or at the very least allow us to cancel the return since it has not yet be submitted to the IRS…… I am sick about this as the lousy $50 or so it saved me for claiming depreciation, is probably going to cost us our house as we needed that money to avoid foreclosure. THANKS TURBO TAX!!

    1. Hi Brad,
      Sorry you filed with the depreciation and would have rather left it off, however this post as well as our “Amercia Avoids the Fiscal Cliff” post, publically states that depreciation was impacted by the late vote on tax laws and would be processed in March.

      One alternative for you is if your tax return is rejected by the IRS, you can go back into your tax return and take the depreciation off and resubmit.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      1. I am sorry to hear this Brad and I think the excuse is a poor excuse, as I don’t believe the fiscal cliff impacted depreciation on us as lower and middle income. I do think the IRS should investigate all these delays by Turbo Tax, as well official accounting board. As for myself an others, to not be able to file because of inaccurate forms causing delays is irresponsible by any accounting company.

      2. I am in the same pit as Brad. I have minimal depreciation on my application and would rather re-file without the credit. Is there a way we can initiate the IRS to reject the application? This just seems silly that they are so accepting to deduct from our income, yet they are hesitant to pay it out.

  2. I e-filed my taxes through TurboTax on Sunday the 27th, a friend of mine filed his taxes through TurboTax yesterday the 30th. My status is still showing as pending while his was accepted last night at 11:30 pm. I thought TurboTax was submitting on a first-in first-out basis. How is this possible?

      1. Tobad Turbo Tax can’t be reliable for its forms.

        On Sat, Feb 2, 2013 at 9:41 PM, Tax Break: The TurboTax Blog wrote:

        > ** > TurboTaxLisa commented: “Hi Julia, TurboTax did transmit tax returns on > 1/30. It can take up to 48 hours for your tax return to be accepted. Please > check the status of your tax return again. Here is a FAQ to help you >” >

  3. Has there been a date set yet for people with the education credit when the IRS will start accepting them tax refunds….Seems too me every year they got something coming up or something goes wrong but boy when we are late they expect it right now! I honestly think the american people should charge the IRS late penalitys for being late and interest as well just saying, but if anyone knows the dates would be helpful on when the acceptance will be if a person used a 8863 form with there taxes. thank you

      1. I think the SES (Senior Executive Service) of the IRS (that’s the big shots) needs a major housecleaning and butt kicking.

    1. Where did you get the info FEB 7th?? Is there a site you can refer me too or link your source? If I recieve no update by next week I am refiling with T/S.

  4. I called the IRS and they stated any returns that included Education Credits would NOT be processed until the end of Feburary. Have you heard about this maddness?? Why would a stipulation like this be implemented? It is not fair to those who would like to used that credit.

  5. I did my taxes through turbo tax on 1/20 and already have my state refund in my account but the federal still says PENDING. why?

  6. I filled my return January 12th. Yes I new the irs wouldn’t open till the 30th but was told sooner u file the question is seeing I didn’t give an email address how long should it take for the irs to have received them? I did the e-file 1040a

  7. Why am I unable to e file because I have a energy credit. When I try to e file it says that I must print them out and mail them in. Will efile be available at a later date or do I have to mail them in.

  8. SCREEN where it asks if you “agree” to refund processing agreement…won’t advance beyond that. Don’t even get to “File” screen. What’s up with that?

  9. Everytime I try to file my state return it says that one or more forms is not available right now. I have read else where that all forms should be available. My State return is from California. Is there something wrong with TT?

  10. I used the SnapTax app on my Android phone. All went fine, until I, just this afternoon, clicked on “File your Taxes” and the pop-up window read: “Your tax returns can’t be filed today because we don’t have the latest tax info from the government. We’ve saved all your info. Please come back in a few days to file your returns.” What gives???

  11. Hi I have joint custody of my child andf her mother does not file due to no work I supply more then half her support, mother and i have court papers we claim every other year i never claimed her and did so this year just for her to say she was letting her mom do so my taxes have been accepted by irs does this mean that the grandmother has not filed and what if she does will she be booted from rejected so my return is not delayed

    1. Hi Sam – There is no way of knowing for sure what the IRS will do. However, in most cases, the second filer’s return is rejected. If it goes through, then the IRS will likely disallow one of them…usually the second filer. That said, they may still contact you for proof of your ability to claim your child. It’s just difficult to know. This IRS Publication has some information on children of divorced parents that may help–Education-Credits/GEN83271.html
      Thank you,

      1. hello I checked the irs wheres my refund and it stated accepted when checked it later there was no record is there a issue


  12. I just e-filed my 1040 via Turbo Tax online. I then got an email saying that the IRS wasn’t ready to accept returns like mine. I have a very basic return. Nothing other than EIC and my daughter being a first year college student so we had the 1098-T. Any idea why the delay?

  13. I have a question I filed my son’s and it said accepted and mines say pending . do you know how long it will take and why it say’s pending

    1. Hi Tracy – Yours may be pending if you had an education credit or certain other forms that are not yet ready…and are preventing e-filing for the time-being. It’s difficult to know without seeing your tax return. Check it in a couple days and if you need more help, you can contact TurboTax Support directly
      Thank you,

  14. I submitted taxes yesterday (the 29th) for processing (efiled), but I know they didn’t even start looking at returns until today. How long will it be before the IRS “accepts” my taxes? I know it takes 21 days estimated for refund, but specifically about how long before I know if they accept it or not? I claimed HoH this year as I am claiming my brother on my taxes…

    1. HI Clinton – You should receive an email in the next couple of days (2-4 days from filing) letting you know if your return was accepted by the IRS.
      Thank you,

  15. The Irs just told me since I efiled Jan 17 and it was accepted Jan 24th that I should have my refund on the 1st of Feb and no later than the 6th of Feb

  16. My niece has lived with me for 8 months in 2012. I filed her on my taxes for the 8 months that she lived with me and just found out that my sisters boyfriend claimed her as well. My sister is not married to him and he had no right to claim her other than my sister gave him permission. I dont have any documentation that she lived with me other than everyone that has witnessed her living with me. The one time I did change her address to my address her mother went behind my back and changed her address back to her address because she gets food stamps for her. If asked my niece would lie for her mom and say she lived with her mom. Bribery is the key with my sister & niece. I claimed my niece for 7 months the previous year 2011 as well beacuse she lived with me. So there is consistency with me filing my taxes. They are just flat out lying about everything. What should i expect and what can I do to protect myself?

    1. Hi Victoria – It sounds like a very complex situation. If two people claimed the same dependent, one of your tax returns will either get rejected or adjusted with the dependent removed. So, you will have to wait and see what happens. This is a situation where you may need to get personalized tax advice or even legal advice. This IRS Publication 501 may help provide insight for you as well
      Thank you,

  17. I was just curious if the IRS isn’t processing or accepting returns until Jan. 30th then why did they accept my return on the 26th? And would that make a difference in my DD date?

    1. Hi Viola26 – The IRS did a small “test run” for some tax returns…perhaps yours was one of them. But, they did not start processing refunds until yesterday. Most taxpayers will receive their refunds within 21 days this year.
      Thank you,

  18. I already received an email stating my return was received (jan28) how long do i have to wait to see if everything was correct?(used turbo tax) because it stated “i was completed with my taxes? thxs

    1. Hi Nicole – Turbo Tax sends an email saying that your return was received by us. You should also get an email saying the IRS either accepted or rejected your return. If you don’t have one of the exceptions that are preventing your return from being filed (such as education credits or certain investments), this should happen in the next couple of days.
      Thank you,

  19. I filed Form 8863 Education Credit on January 299, 2013. Now I am hearing today that the IRS has the education credit delayed until mid-February. I don’t know what to do, since I did get both credits, do I need to amend 1040X & refund the money back the IRS. Since I should only receive one credit. Thanks.

    1. Hi Lisa – If your return has been filed as you said, you will need to wait until the IRS either accepts or rejects your return. If they reject it, you can then make the changes and e-file it again. If it is accepted, then you will file an amended return to make the changes. Here’s how to amend–Change-or-Correct–a-Return-You-Already-Filed/GEN12781.html
      Thank you,

  20. OK it IS Jan. 30th now, and they are NOT accepting e-filed returns.

    It is only 1:33 AM, but if there is a specific time that they will start accepting e-file, maybe they could’ve said so.

    1. Hi martmann – If this is for your federal return, the IRS announced a delay in accepting filing for certain taxpayers who have education credits. Those returns will be delayed until mid-February. If that is not your situation, you can contact Turbo Tax Support for information on your particular situation.


  21. My state return for ma was accepted on Jan 23, 2013 for this year When will I get my refund deposited is it the same as the federal

    1. Hi Michelle – Each state is different…and processing times vary depending on the state. However, most states did not begin processing refunds until yesterday. If you don’t receive it in a timely manner, you can contact the state for which you submitted your return. Once they leave Turbo Tax, it is up the the taxing authorities as to when you receive your refund. Direct Deposit is always the quickest way to go!
      Thank you,

  22. I completed my taxes on turbotax 1/28. As of today 1/29, I received an email stating that the IRS has “accepted my return.” I then got a 1098 for student loan interest in the mail today. When I went back to turbotax it allowed me to add this info and it increased my refund. It is still saying that my return has been accepted and when I review my forms they have the added info from the 1098 on it. Will the change be submitted come tomorrow? Or will I have to do some sort of ammended return to add the 1098?

  23. I filed my taxes with TT today and got all the way to the end and was informed the there are forms that are not ready. I requested an email to inform me when they will be. Does anyone here have any clue as to when they might be?

    Form 8949
    Capital Gains & Losses Ready soon

    Schedule D
    Capital Gains & Losses Ready soon

    What does “Ready soon” mean?

    1. I have been waiting for three weeks of which they have missed two suspense of being ready. I check each day and am refiling with taxact. If they don’t have it by 1 Feb, I will file with someone more reliable.

  24. This year in addition to my full-time job I did some babysitting on the side and made $2300. When I entered this in for self employment income I expected my refund to be lower because of owing self employment tax but my refund was increased, I went ahead and e-fi led today, could this be right? Could it cause a delay in my refund?
    I am a low income single mother who relies on my refund to help make it through the year. I really hope I did this correctly as this was my first time preparing my taxes without a professional.

  25. I completed and transmitted my taxes today through turbo tax when I check e file status it shows as pending will this change to something else once my file is actually submitted to IRS or will it go from pending to accepted or rejected

    1. Hi – It takes the IRS 24-48 hours to update its database. Your status will change to either “accepted” or “rejected.” Stay tuned! –Christopher

  26. I am a partnership llc filing as a joint venture with a schedule C- PA requires a RCT-101 form-to be filed with the state tax return-How do I get the information in your tax program if the Home and Business does not include an RCT-101 form but I cant use the Business program for LLC 1065. because we file as a joint venture.

  27. I was able to file my 2012 fed tax return but it state for california that they are waiting for the CA california adjustment form which willbe ready on 1/30. Other have been able to process their cal. return. Is this a problem with turbo tax or are some of the california forms still be updated.

    1. Hi! Not every CA return would be held up for one form that is not yet available. That’s why some can file and some can’t. It has nothing to do with TurboTax. We are showing the Adjustments form as being available now! –Christopher

  28. I e-filed my return last evening and realized this afternoon that I may have made a mistake. Since my return is ‘in holding’ can I some how retrieve it to make corrections?

  29. Hi, I’m confused…I have prepared all of my taxes with turbo tax as of two weeks ago–I have a Capital Gains form and a Schedule D form that I was told Turbo Tax was waiting for the updated versions of…I checked out the form that will not be ready until mid Feb or March and these forms are not included. So, although I have everything ready to go and as far as I can tell I should be able to file on 1/30/2013, I keep reading that I can submit my filing anytime and it will be automatically sent by Turbo Tax on a “first in, first out” basis…??? This doesnt’ appear to be the case as I can’t submit anything, but have been told I’ll get an email when I can send them through…so which is it? Is the IRS incorrect and those two forms I need WON’T be ready by 1/30 (which will irritate me to no end) or is Turbo Tax mistaken and you can’t submit anything until the actual date of 1/30 regardless of whether forms are prepared or not…I read all of the info re: TT on TT own site and the IRS info on their site…thanks

      1. This will be the third release date, I am an auditor for the government and not impressed, but concerned. This makes me question your data reliability of your software.

  30. Hi, Can you tell me exactly what this message from TurboTax means and when I can expect my return to be processed:

    The IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them – like yours. Your return will be automatically sent to the IRS as soon as they’re ready to process it. This is a nationwide delay for all returns like yours – no matter who prepares them.

    1. It means that your return is fine and ready to be processed, but the IRS has discovered that its computers are not ready to process one or more forms in certain returns. Once the IRS corrects its own computer programs, it will be able to process your return. –Christopher

  31. I am attempting to E-file both the federal and MA returns and under the “Consent to file your Massachusetts Return” section it will not allow me to hit “continue” and proceed with E-Filing. I am getting a prompt that says “field must be same as your first name” and “field must be same as your spouse’s middle initial”.

    Both of these fields appear to be correct. How should I proceed?

    Thank you.

  32. Will Turbo tax hold my return to file until IRS updates their forms? education credits? Thank you! I am trying to complete FAFSA and CSS and it looks like I cant finish my taxes before the due date if I cant file until Feb? Am I understanding I cant file until Fed due to education credit.

    1. The IRS has announced that processing of tax returns that include Form 8863 (Education Credits) will be delayed until mid-February. Form 8863 is used to claim two higher education credits – the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit. This is a nationwide delay, affecting all tax returns that include this form. No matter which tax preparation software, tax preparation service, or tax preparer you choose, all returns containing Form 8863 will be delayed.

  33. Employee-related expenses are only deductible to the extent that they exceed 2% of your Adjusted Gross Income. So it could be either that you are not benefiting from itemizing at all (i.e., not exceeding the standard deduction), or that your work expenses aren’t more than 2% of your AGI.

  34. If I used and my federal e-file had already been accepted january 25th does that mean there are no problems with it and I should accept payment within 3 weeks from the 25th?

    1. Hi! The IRS is not processing refunds until 1/30. Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refunds within 21 days. The same is expected this year. –Christopher

    1. Hi! The IRS is not processing refunds until 1/30. Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refunds within 21 days. The same is expected this year. –Christopher

  35. I filed on 1/25/13 with turbotax deluxe. Today on 1/28/13 my return was rejected for “Taxpayer TIN in the return header must not be the same as a TIN of a previously accepted electronic return for the return type and tax period indicated in the tax return. I thought Turbotax was holding the returns to file on 1/30/13? Did the IRS reject my return thinking I filed another return for tax year 2011, or should I truly be concerned that someone has filed under one of my social security numbers? Turbotax pulled all my SS #’s from last year and I double checked, they are correct. I am married to the mother of my kids, so no chance an ex filed on of them as a dependent. What’s going on?

    1. Hi! This is not a TurboTax issue. Someone has filed a return using a SSN of someone in your family (you, your spouse or your dependent). You should contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 for additional guidance. Good luck! –Christopher

  36. So when will my return be accepted or when can i submit my return if I claim deductions and credits for Education and mortgage interest?

    1. Hi!

      The IRS has just announced that processing of tax returns that include Form 8863 (Education Credits) will be delayed until mid-February.

      Form 8863 is used to claim two higher education credits – the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit.

      This is a nationwide delay, affecting all tax returns that include this form. No matter which tax preparation software, tax preparation service, or tax preparer you choose, all returns containing Form 8863 will be delayed.


      1. So should I wait to file my taxes until Mid-Feburary(and are we talking exactly on Feb-14 as there are 28 days in Feb?) or can I go ahead and file with Form 8863 and just wait til it’s processed?
        Please respond to my email address if possible.

  37. I got an email saying that the state has reject my efile because the federal rejected, but I check and the federal is still pending. What’s going on?

    1. Hi!

      Some customers’ e-filed state tax returns were erroneously rejected with code REJ001 along with the message This state return was rejected because the federal taxing authority rejected the federal return even though their federal returns were either in Accepted or Pending status.

      We are working on fixing the root cause of this issue so that future returns will not experience this rejection.
      If your state tax return was rejected

      We have notified all affected customers via e-mail that they should resubmit their state returns.

      If you haven’t already done so, you can resubmit by opening your tax return, clicking File, and following the on-screen instructions.


  38. When will Schedule C be available on Turbo Tax? Software will not me file for this reason. All updates have been applied. According to your site this should have happened on the 1/24 update.

  39. I just received notification that the IRS accepted my 2012 tax return (1/28/13). Have they started processing them a couple of days early?

    Does anyone think this well expedite returns being directly deposited?

  40. Started last night filing taxes. Entered union dues and gloves and boots – total 812.00 dollars – every year I got a credit/deduction for this but not this year. Is there a reason why? We itemize – using TT home & Business

    1. Employee-related expenses are only deductible to the extent that they exceed 2% of your Adjusted Gross Income. So it could be either that you are not benefiting from itemizing at all (i.e., not exceeding the standard deduction), or that your work expenses aren’t more than 2% of your AGI.

    1. TurboTax does not “hold” returns that are submitted for efile. We plan to start sending them tomorrow (1/30) when the IRS begins general processing of returns. As for the education credits, the forms are correct; the IRS simply can’t process them at this time. But there is no need to wait — TurboTax is up-to-date and good to go!

      1. This is good if you are not waiting for forms from TurboTax, which will makes behind most other fillers.

      2. I filed my taxes Feb 1rst and they still have not been accepted they Fed and WI state are “pending” when do u think they are going to accept or reject them? its been 48 hrs now

  41. I filed my Taxes Jan 17th and was accept Jan 24th. I am still getting updates on the 1040, will this delay my refund? or since it was accepted early will it come early

    1. TurboTax (as well as other tax providers) are working with the IRS to start sending returns through the IRS system, in the order we received them, as they ramp their systems up for the official launch on January 30th.

      Because of this “limited early processing” some customers started (and will continue) seeing IRS notifications of acceptance or rejection.

      Please note the IRS does NOT start processing refunds for any returns until the 30th.

      Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refund in less than 21 days. The same is expected this year.

      If you have any questions about this, let us know.

  42. Is there a major update pending for February 2013? We started our filing last night and it says we owe a massive amount, which is not typical for our household. Our payroll specialist said there’s an update that could impact our totals. If this is true, kindly direct me to the website where this article is posted so I can learn more. Thanks!

    1. There are no pending changes to the tax code, now that the “fiscal cliff” has been resolved by Congress. The best way to determine why your refund is different from last year is to compare your 1040s from this year and last year to isolate the change.

      1. I also logged into Turbo tax yesterday and the only options was FAQ and phone number, what is happening to Turbotax, forms not available, limitation to contact personnel, mixed message, I am getting concerned.

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