IRS Announces E-file Opens January 30, 2013

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Today, the IRS announced that it will begin accepting e-filed tax returns for the vast majority of U.S. taxpayers on January 30, about a week later than expected.

Tax Return

The IRS anticipates that it will be able to process tax returns for about 120 million taxpayers, including those affected by AMT, the educator expense deduction, the higher education tuition and fees deduction and the state and local sales tax deduction.

Even though the IRS does not anticipate any tax refund delays due to the week slip in accepting refunds, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you get your tax refund back as quickly as possible:

1.  File Now!  Don’t wait!

  •      TurboTax is up-to-date with all recent tax law changes and has been accepting e-filed tax returns since January.
  •    TurboTax will hold and securely submit your tax return to the IRS on a first-in, first-out basis. So filing now puts you first in line for your tax refund.

2.  E-file and Use Direct Deposit

  •   E-file and direct deposit are the fastest way to get your tax refund.
  •  The IRS does not anticipate any associated tax refund delays once processing begins on January 30. The IRS expects to issue 9 out of 10 tax refunds in 21 days or less.
  • The IRS will not process paper returns before January 30.

3.  Get Expert Answers to Your Tax Questions

  •     Taxpayers wondering how recent tax law changes may impact their taxes can contact TurboTax tax experts, who are available year round to answer taxpayer questions, free.
  •   Only TurboTax lets taxpayers talk to certified public accountants, Internal Revenue Service enrolled agents or tax attorneys as often as they like while they’re preparing their tax return, free.

According to IRS, taxpayers claiming the residential energy credit and businesses claiming depreciation and amortization and general business credit will be able to file tax returns in late February or early March due to additional forms and processing requirements.

There’s no need to wait to file your tax return. Get started now to get a jump on your tax refund.

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  1. The girl that did my 2013 taxes put my address in as just 1 my return was direct deposited in to my boyfriends account I haven’t got my refund yet or any mail of course cause my address is not 1 when u look it up on line it says still be n processed but I did my taxes in February

  2. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your content seem to be running off the screen in Safari. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know. The layout look great though! Hope you get the issue solved soon. Kudos

  3. I filed my taxes early February and I still haven received half of them. It said they were confirmed and excepted so I dont understand why I havent gotten them. I filed them on E-file and they are supposed to be direct deposited. Someone please tell me what is going on.

    • Hi! The most likely explanation is that your refund was reduced by the government, either to correct a calculation error or through a refund offset. Normally, you can expect an explanatory letter with your refund or shortly thereafter. More information is available at the attached link. Good luck! –Christopher

  4. I had full physical custody of my daughter last year but my ex-wife filed with her SS number. My return was electronically filed, and rejected because of daughter’s number being used. Ex was forced by court to amend her return, which she claims she did. That was several weeks ago. Tried to “re-file” mine electronically and it was again rejected. Does this mean she did not amend her return? Because of this will I not be able to electronically file? If I have to mail a paper copy, do I have to add any “proof” since (if) she amended her return? (I have had custody of my daughter for years, why would I need to prove that this year?) Her newest is that she will give me a copy of her amended return as proof… can I send that (if I have to send something)?

    • Hi Tom – In this situation you’ll need to file a paper copy of your return. It usually takes 8-12 weeks for the IRS to process an amended return, so it’s possible that your ex-wife did amend but that the IRS hasn’t processed her 1040X yet. Once the IRS sees that you both claimed your daughter, they will investigate and determine who’s entitled to claim. You don’t need to send any documentation with your return. Cheers… –Christopher

  5. Hi. We filed our taxes on Jan 30,2013. I have also filed for and education credit (form 8863) so our taxes werent accepted until Feb 15th. Unfortunately, we were affected by the faulty software and form 8863. We had our tax preparer fax in the information needed and that was well over 3 weeks ago. We’re getting very frustrated. My grandfather passed and we were looking to use the money to get home. How much longer do we have to wait? We check the IRS website daily and it never changes! It Always says “still pending.”

  6. Hi , I have filed my tax return with Turbo tax and the system has chosen Netspend prepaid card for the return to be deposited to. I have read several reviews with several issues. Netspend withholding money, rude customer service, asking for a fax with social security numbers and a utility bill. I have not received my card yet and only a portion of my return has been deposited to my card. I hope I dont have any issues because it seems no one has been able to get there money in time.

  7. hi i called irs and they said my refund was mailed on march 15 2013 could u estimate when i will receive my refund?

  8. I got accepted for my federal and state returns today…. So how long does it take to get your returns if your doing direct deposit ???

    • If your return was accepted, then you can check the status of your refund at this link:

      Last year 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refund within 21 days after their return was accepted by the IRS. The same is expected this year. Cheers…


  9. Hi I was filing my taxes last night and recieved a email saying my refund was rejected do to my social security number was used as a dependent for someone else but that wasnt right so I called the irs and a couple other numbers and now they say I should send my refund through the mail ( 6-8 weeks) and hopefully it will be fixed by then I used turbo tax can I not send it through turbotax again ????

    • Hi Sean – If your social security number was used on a different filing, the IRS will need you to mail it in as they instructed you to do. The reason for this is that they will need to confirm and verify the information. If you e-file it again, it will be rejected if the issue has not been resolved with the other tax return. I recommend you follow the instructions provided by the IRS. Thanks, Karen

  10. when they say “it will be mailed to you on this date”, does that mean it will be there that day they specified or does that mean it will be sent out on that day and it will take even longer? I’m so sick of waiting, it will be exactly a month since I e-filed my taxes!!

  11. hi! so my question is this…my husband owes back child support and we filed together in 2011 and all of the money went to ex wife. we didn’t file in 2012. it 2013 now and we want to file but don’t want our money to go to her. help what do we do!? the ex wife don’t even have the 2 kids. 1 moved and 1 moved in with us. we have 5 kids in the house that could use the money. what can i do???

  12. Hi ,I think I’m having a big problem I’m 18 years old and of course my mom claim me in her taxes, but the problem is when I went to do mine because in my work they put me 1 dependent and I appear as married when I’m not so now I’m the one who’ll have to return. Please what can I do with this big error, I really need help. Thanks

  13. I realized I made a mistake on my withholdings by about $700. I want to file an amendment but I received the 4464 from IRS and I am in review.(probably for this reason) Should I file my amendment now and hope this clears things up?

    • Hi – If you’ve already received a “4464c letter,” then you can’t filed an amended return (you can only amend a return that has been accepted, and yours hasn’t been accepted yet). You should instead contact the IRS directly to discuss your situation. Their contact info is at –Christopher

  14. hi i dont know if you can anser this or not but my ex filed on 2/1/13 he got a letter a week or so ago about a offset for child support and sead i will get all of his refund do you know bout how long it will take

  15. I Efiled my federal taxes this year for the first time as I was told that along with direct deposit was the fastest way to get my refund. My return was accepted January 26, after waiting patiently for a month, I finally receive a letter to call the IRS to give them more information. After giving them trivial information im told that i could expect my refund in another 4 to 6 weeks. This was by far the simplest return i have ever filed. Has anyone else ran into this problem? I should have paper filed.What happened to the refund in 14 days no more than 21 days?

    • I ran into the same problem. Everything got cleared up march 1st and now I am still waiting for 4-6 weeks to go by. Still says tax return is being processed when I go to wheres my refund.

  16. I am filing my taxes with the CD version and when I get to my NC State overview it shows my non-passive business income as a subtraction from my income. While I love the idea of lower taxation, it’s adjusted my income down 58K. There’s no way that can be right as the software didn’t do that last year. Any ideas?

    • Hi Bill – Unfortunately we can’t troubleshoot individual issues on this blog. One possibility is that the income is being allocated to a state other than NC. In any case, due to the type of issue you have, it will be better for you to speak to an agent over the phone. Please click on this link for instructions on how to contact us: Good luck! –Christopher

    • Hi – Some people are under the impression that being able to order a transcript means that your refund has already been sent. That is not necessarily the case. If you don’t actually need a copy of your tax transcript, then you should simply track your refund at this IRS website: Hope that clarifies! –Christopher

  17. Hi!

    I sent my forms in the same day as a few other students at my school and they all received their refunds but I didn’t. I sent it in on the 15th of February; my status is “still being processed.” Should I try to file again or just wait?

    • Hi – If your return is showing as “Processing,” then that means the IRS has it and is working on it. You should not try to submit your return again. If you efiled with TurboTax, then an agent may be able to look up your efile record and give you more information. You can learn how to contact us at this link: Good luck! –Christopher

      • When I spoke with the IRS they told me their is an error with forum 8863. My return is in errors. They said a lot of HNR block clients are having issues with their return…. It is so stressful because the IRS is not even sure when they will be done processing my return. I was told they were going to stop sending out letter to people that filed the 8863 because it is an error in their computer due to the forum being updated….. It could take up to 45 days to fix, so my return is sitting the error department along with others that have filed forum 8863 with the HNR block. This sucks because my job doesn’t pay enough and my kids need so many things, then on top I have a student loan. 🙁 Guess I will look to god for covering and relief of the struggle
        Seem like the hard you try to get out of poverty, it back flashes on some of us, but I know I can not give up because I have two precious gifts depending on me

    • I am dealing with the same thing(student tax refund) mine still says processing but I received a letter asking me to call them. I did las tonight and they said they want to make sure that my ssn wasn’t stolen, and asked me questions and said they will put it thought and I have to await another 4-6 weeks. Appearntly they had alot of security issues, luck of the draw! Hang in there!

  18. I am wondering if anyone else had to file with an IP pin for previous tax fraud committed against you? This is my first year having to file with this and I’m wondering what others have experienced with filing with this?

    • This is my first year also. It’s been HELL…I had to get a tax advocate because they refuse to help me when I called the IRS..I submitted my return and was accepted 2/22/13. it is now 3/12/13..1st they said there were no errors and it is being processed after a week. I called on 3/4/13 because my status bar was gone and it said it was being processed and I would be given a date when available. I called the tax Advocate because I don’t have time to waste waiting for letters in the mail. I have bills. Then the IRS said they had to verify my identity because someone else could’ve gotten my IP PIN (What’s the purpose in giving it to me if my return will be held up???).. The Advocate verified my identity on 3/8/13 and informed them of my hardship. I called on 3/18/13 (because I don’t trust them) and after continually going back in forth with one of the rudest reps after I told her how wrong she was and proved it she finally looked up my account and said my return was accepted on 2/22/13(duhhhh) and had an error which was corrected on 2/28/13 and I have to wait 21 days from 2/28/13 to complete processing or call my advocate and see what they could do…I am waiting until Fri 3/15/13 and if I don’t have a date or my money I will be calling the Advocate..

      • Kisha you already know by now that the IRS do not care about an advocate! they do what they want to do, they make us consumers wait for our money with no updates, no calls, but with stupid letters that really has no barring on us, very unfriendly reps, the whole IRS is a joke I have been waiting since the 14th, needless to say I filed my paperwork on the 18th of January, so stand in line with the wait, I have no more patience!!!!! no letter, no phone calls has been answered and the process is still in the same status it has been since january the 30th!

  19. I filed my taxes on Feb 9, 2013 but they didn’t get accepted until the 15 of fed because of the student credit. it has been the full 21 days from the day they accepted them and WMR still says processing. I spoke to a IRS rep on march 5< 2013 and she said all my account is saying is still processing and to call back on the 8th of march. But there is still no update on my taxes.

    • I filed mine on Fed 5 and haven’t received mine. I was told the same about the student credit and now it’s March 11th…still processing…I received my state back the 20th of feb but yea nothing on federal. Glad I’m not the only one I guess…

    • I used the tax advocate last year when my identity was stolen and received my refund in about 3 weeks so I know they do work with them. The problem is this year I found out the delay is because majority of the ppl that received IP Pin ‘s got caught up in another IRS glitch that sent our returns to the error dept along with the 660,000 ppl that had a glitch from H&R.. Right now the IRS and Tax Advocate service is overwhelmed.. I have contacted my local congressmen and news stations. Although it may not do much I am not one to just sit around. I make my voice heard. If others make theirs publicly heard we may get somewhere..So sad where they victims all over again…

  20. Hello I filled my taxes with H&R block on 01/29 and had education credit coming that was excepted on 2/14 i was told my due date was 3/8 but still have not got it does anyone know what going on?

  21. so I file for education since February 15 and I still have not got my money, they keep saying that is in processed and they will let me know when the date is available but I don’t understand is already passed by 21 days when I getting my refund. I tried to call but I keep hearing from the Hotline system is not let me speak to anybody
    What should I do?

  22. I received a letter from the irs about a offset program I owe $502 my refund is over that amount I filed on febuary 14 2013 and accepted the 14 when I check the wmr it went from being processed wait 10-21days and now it’s saying processing and a it saying a dd date will be provided when available I talk to the offset program people and they said imma still get my refund will it take longer are do I count the weekends starting from the 14 of this month help I set up a payment plan so I don’t know what to think

    • Hi Taylor – You should count count the weekend days as well. If you don’t have a status change by this weekend, I would call the IRS. Keep in mind, they only update their systems one time per day…usually overnight. Thanks, Karen

  23. Why is that my return was accepted on the 14th of February but the “where’s my refund” site says that it is still being processed. At one point in time that site said that my return was deposited to my bank on the 25th of February and now when I check it it consistently says that it is being processed with no date indicating when I should receive it.

  24. I checked WMR and it said that our taxes got reduce because something we owe was suppose to get $9095 but not we are getting $8227.50. It was suppose to be deposited it today but we only got $773 TCS TREAS 449 TAX REF why and what is that? So I’m wondering are we going to get the rest?

    • Hi Toya – Could it be student loan, child support, back taxes..? Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the reason your refund was reduced. You will need to wait to receive your letter from the IRS explaining the reason, or call them at 800-829-1040. I wish I could tell you the reason. Thanks, Karen

  25. My Federal Income tax was approved on 2-26-13 but CA state was rejected. Will i still receive the Federal income tax? Or does the state need to be accepted?

    • Hi Aaron – They are two separate entities. Federal is sent to you separately from the CA taxes. Hope that helps. Thanks, Karen

  26. I got a letter from the IRS stating that i filled somthing incorrect. Can i refile correctly? What really am i suppose to do next?

    • Hi Alicia- It depends on what the letter says. If they rejected your return, you can correct it and resubmit the e-file. If they accepted it and are making an adjustment, there may be nothing more to do. Once you find out exactly what the situation is, feel free to contact TurboTax support for further guidance. Thanks, Karen

  27. I called the irs today about my refund. They told me that from today it will take another 4 to 6 weeks for me to receive the refund, but my return was accepted on the 15th of Feb. Why is that?

    • I feel the same way Jan. I been trying to get through with the IRS. I was accepted on 14th and it say on the MyTaxRefund app it would be deposited by March 7. It would be nice if someone somewhere could give us some answers of why its still taking so long to be process when people are getting their returns back within 48hrs here in Maryland

    • I got the same answer. Accepted on the 15th, but wait 6-8 weeks. WMR is still showing processing, a date will be given when available. They said they are telling people 4-6, but in my case longer due to identity tax fraud last year. I still don’t know why 4-6 weeks though. All they could tell me is that, that’s how long it’s taking for all paper returns. Although, if you go by their site, we should receive in 21 days. I think they need to update their site!

    • Jan, sorry to hear you’re having the same problem. I filed electronicsally on Feb 4th (no extra credits or delays indicated) and accepted on Feb 5th. (where’s_my_refund) said DD scheduled for Feb 13th. Received letter from IRS on Feb 25th (dated 22nd) requiring me to call. I called and waited 3 hours, then chatted to verify info for over another hour. In the end, the IRS told me “all set — you’re good to go!” then immediately informed me 4-6 weeks from that date I would have to wait. IRS.goc still shows “processing” and nothing new. The government is LIEING on all avenues because they gacve all the money away to LOSERS and Green Energy Pipe-Dreams. Don’t expect an answer of fact from TurboTax reps here on this site, they are nothing but form-letter delivery robots.
      You’ll just have to accept that the American People have placed the largest group of LIARS in charge of the country.
      Good Luck and Apply for Food Stamps like Washington D.C. wants you to!
      (What Price Dignity?)

      • I know what you mean I have seen people with no job go fill and have received there fake money when we the people with w2 forms have to wait months to get our money due us.

  28. I received my tax refund via direct deposit. When I got on to see if it had been deposited the federal refund is short 1000 dollars. Why is this?

    • Hi Regan – Is there a possible offset for child support, student loans, or back taxes owed? Those are common reasons. The IRS will send you a letter explaining the difference. If not, you can call them for details at 800-829-1040. Thanks, Karen

  29. hi. my ex-wife is behind on child support. was there a certain day that she was allowed to file? and when i expect that refund.

    • Hi Greg – I am not aware of a certain day to file. But, if she was in arrears while you were married, you may want to file for Innocent Spouse Relief. As far as a your refund goes, it depends on the situation regarding the back child support and how involved it was while you were married. Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refunds within 21 days of acceptance and the same is expected this year. Thanks, Karen

  30. If I already filed my taxes and received a refund and later realized that I did not deduct my mortgage insurance, which I am pretty sure is considered a deduction, is it possible to add this in some way by filing another claim?

  31. Good morning,

    I need to verify my customer taxes for mortgage purposes. He is a self employed and it is really hard for him to spend all morning at the local IRS office to have them stamp his copies. Is there any way I can get evidence that the IRS receive his taxes? Or at least know if they are available so I can request a transcript?

  32. Hi ,
    I filled my tax return on 3/1/2013 and received a email that the IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain dedutions or credits in them it stated it was a nationwide delay.
    I had home mortgage deduction/house improvments, employment expenses ,medical

  33. hi, i filed my taxes since January 23rd. I filed for education and it has been six weeks already and i still haven’t gotten a refund date.Do you have any idea of what might be happening? please let e know

  34. I filed on 02/03/13…25 days later and I’m still pending??? My AZ was accepted and I received my refund 2 days ago. What’s the latest update on the IRS w accepting returns?

  35. I was suppose to get a tax refund of $5052 and only received $977.67. I’m married and we filed taxes together. my wife owes a student loan from 2009. the bank transaction says pending thought. could I get the rest of the money , once the pending status finishes?

    • Hi Jay,
      The Department of Treasury’s Financial Management Service (FMS), which issues IRS tax refunds, has been authorized by Congress to conduct the Treasury Offset Program. Through this program, your refund or overpayment may be reduced by FMS and offset to pay:
      Past-due child support;
      Federal agency non-tax debts;
      State income tax obligations; or
      Certain unemployment compensation debts owed to a state.
      You can read more here
      I hope this helps.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

    • Jay if your wife defaulted on a student loan your both your taxes will be offset. Wait till you receive whatever refund is pending. Then ammend your return by filing a injured spouse return to get whatever portion is due to you. If she owes a loan then all of her taxes will be offset to repay that back. You can file for kids (if you have any) yourself to get the credits. You would have to file Single or married filing sep. When you do an ammnded return work witih which status gives you the best return. filing an 8379 injured spouse form with your ammended return.. They will not DD the remaining portion it will be sent by check via mail.

  36. lets just pray everyone, no one with education credts has gotton there money yet i thank that every have to wait until that 21 day

      • I called the irs today about my refund. They told me that from today it will take another 4 to 6 weeks for me to receive the refund, but my return was accepted on the 15th of Feb. Why is that?

  37. Hi. I filed on 2/1/13 and was told I would get my refund by 2/22/13. It’s now the 27th and nothing. It says it was accepted. I rely heavily on that money. Would I be told there was a problem that is holding it up? How can I find out if I gave the wrong bank acct info? I’m worried and need my refund ASAP! Thanks

  38. Turbo Tax screwed me over, my husband & I had a family friend do or taxes w/ Turbo Tax 1rst time ever & let me remind u the last time!! My husband & I changed our youngest sons ss # last yr. well when we filed we used his last name well it didnt match hiss ss # , ok that was my mistake but when the irs rejected our tax return … they sent a e- mail stating it had to do w/ my oldest son the number wasnt adding up w/ his name so the same person who did my taxes reentered the ss# & sent it back through & I didnt hear nothing 2wks go by. So I call turbo tax & they said, everything looks fine so I stop thinking about it,. I called the irs the next week I still hadnt heard anything well come 2 find out it wasnt my oldest sons ss# is was my youngest & my refund was on hold all this time because of this now im having to wait an extra 2wks so its already been 2/07/13 till now plus 2 more weeks so I will never go turbo tax again BACK 2 JACKSON HEWITT!!

    • Hi Michelle,
      Unfortunately we don’t have any control over you entering erroneous social security numbers and the rejection letters come directly from the IRS. We wouldn’t know the particulars about everyone’s social security number you entered unless we were looking directly at your tax information entered which is information secured by you. I hope this helps you understand as far as the agent knew your tax return return was at the IRS, but they were not able to look at details of the social security numbers entered by your friend.

      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  39. I filed my taxes on Feb. 2, 2013, it was accepted the 15th due to the education credits. It says that my return was accepted, but when I check on the irs page, it says that my return is still being processed and there’s no known date on there. Has my return been accepted then? And how long do I have to wait?

  40. I filed on January 23rd 2013 and I still have not received my refund I understand that they were not accepting education credits until 2/14 but when I go to wheres my refund it says theres no record of me filing what do i do?

  41. My husband and efiled and our full amount was accepted 2.15.13. Today we received a dd that was $1097 short. Why could this happen? Everything was accepted. Never had this issue with turbotax.

    • Hi Kayla,
      The Department of Treasury’s Financial Management Service can offset any unpaid federal or government debt against your refund without prior notice.
      Most commonly, the offset is taken for:
      Past due child support
      Federal agency non-tax debts
      Certain unemployment debts owed to the state
      Past due federal student loans
      State income tax obligations

      TurboTax has no control over refund offsets. We do not have information about why your refund was reduced, nor about any disputes you may have with government agencies.

      If you want to find out if your refund was reduced due to an offset, call the FMS at (800) 304-3107. Be prepared to give them your name and Social Security number.
      Here is the IRS link to give you more information
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • i filed on jan 13 ,2013 and my return was accepted on the 24th of jan and i have still not got my refund i have the education credit that did not start to accept till fed 14,2013 what should i do ? i check weres my refund and it says your refund is being processed.

      • Hi Dennis,
        There is nothing you need to do. The IRS said that it would issue tax refunds within 21 days from acceptance of tax returns. If you had the education credits that were accepted on 2/14 your 21 days starts from 2/14.
        I hope this helps and that you receive your tax refund soon!
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

  42. I filed my Return on Feb 16, however I saw on the IRS website that acceptance of certain forms are delayed due to new legislation, my return contains some of those forms would I have to file an amended return? Also my return too is still pending.

    • Hi,
      You should not file an amendment on a pending tax return. You should only amend your tax return after it is accepted or rejected.
      Hopefully your status will be updated soon.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • i filed my taxes on feb 6 along with my injured spouse form with turbo tax wen can i exspect my refund they say it could b up to 8 weeks

  43. I e-filed thru the same company I’ve used for years on 2-5-13 today is the 21st nothing. This is the longest its ever taken for me to get a refund. All of my info and claims are the same nothing has changed. What are the new issues that are causing the delays in refund time for some. Also my tax info has said processing all these days why?

    • Hi charlene if you filed on 2-5-13 and you made a commet on 2-21-13 that is only 16 days so hopefy you should get yours real soon.

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