IRS Accepting E-files: File Your Taxes Today!

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Updated February 8, 2013

The IRS opened its doors today, officially kicking off the tax season!

With 80 percent of taxpayers getting a tax refund and the average federal tax refund last year topping $2,700, there is no reason to wait to file.

But what if you have questions?  Just give us a call or chat with us – our experienced TurboTax tax professionals are here for you. Only TurboTax lets you talk to CPAs, enrolled agents and tax attorneys while you prepare your return, free. We’ll even help you get started and we’re there when you need it

To help you get started, our tax experts can answer some of your most commonly asked questions:

How does the fiscal cliff or recent tax law changes affect my taxes?

Don’t worry!  Recent changes to the tax law will not impact the vast majority of people’s tax refunds for 2012. This is because Congress extended all of the existing, family-friendly provisions.

You can still claim the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Care Credit, Teachers Deduction and more!

IRS Update The IRS announced today that they are now able to process tax returns that contain form 8863 with Education Credits beginning February 14th.  Form 8863 is used to claim two higher education credits — the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit.

The IRS has also announced that on February 10th, they will begin processing tax returns that contain Form 4562, Depreciation and Amortization

Please read the full IRS announcement here.

Will the new healthcare reform changes impact my 2012 taxes?

Good news!  The requirement to purchase health insurance does not impact your 2012 or 2013 tax returns. You should know that your 2012 tax return will help determine your eligibility for an insurance subsidy from the government, which will kick in for 2014.

Who can I claim as a dependent?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Taxpayers may be surprised to find out that their boyfriend, grandmother or adult child may qualify as a dependent.

Are there tax deductions available for students in college?

The U.S. government provides incentives, in the form of education tax credits and deductions, to help decrease the costs of pursuing a college education. If you paid eligible education expenses for you, your spouse, or your dependent, you may qualify for one of these tax benefits.  In fact, this could be as much as a $4,000 deduction!

Still have questions?  Don’t worry.  We’re here for you to help you get your maximum refund possible and so you can be confident you’re taxes are done right.

101 responses to “IRS Accepting E-files: File Your Taxes Today!”

    • You
      Mis-spelled “their” as in ” their refund”

      You used “there” which is incorrect
      ” there” refers to a place

      Did you go to school?

  1. The IRS began accepting returns with form 8863 on Feb 14, I still do not have notification that my return e-filed Feb 1 has been accepted. Please advise.

  2. I submitted my return on 2/9 and still have not received confirmation that my federal return was accepted. My state return was accepted within 2 days. I did my brother’s taxes on 2/18 and his federal return was accepted within 2 days. What is the hold-up with mine. I did not have any education credits. The only thing different this year was my wife did some freelance work. Is this a TurboTax issue? Should I try to refile?

    • Hi mirvineclp – There are other IRS delayed forms as well. If you have passive losses (such as a rental property), or energy credits…are just two examples. This is the direct link to the other IRS forms that are still pending: You might want to check with the IRS to see the status they have. Don’t refile once it’s been submitted as you should only file once. Here is the number to contact the IRS directly via phone at 800-829-1040 (there are likely to be high wait times). Hope this helps… Thanks, Karen

      • Guys…
        You not going believe this one!!!! I submitted my e-file on the 14th (because I had an 8863..and somehow “they” flubbed up and software wasn’t up to date to handle these til after 2/14). Anyway. Didn’t even get accepted til 18th. Guess what?? NOW….they are telling me (agent id with IRS #0160675) that there will be an ADDITIONAL 2 week delay.. what the heck????? It is already almost a month later than last year.. WHY do we even pay for -efile
        BECAUSE WE WANT IT DONE FAST… guess what? We are not getting that. The IRS has somehow messed up and delays may be mid-March now before we get refunds.. Oh yeah..some will eeeek..through..But he told me MOST will be an additional 2 week delay!

      • Thanks Karen. Right after I posted, I saw that one of the forms I need to file is on the March list. I guess I have a little more waiting to do.

  3. TurboT received my return on 2-4-13, but after 10 days I still have not received TurboTax confirmation my return has been accepted by the IRS. Why not?

  4. Im filing my tatxes on tt and on the last process it wont go thru it tells me to click try again if not exit and sign in again can someone help ?!

    • Hi george – I am sorry you are having difficulties. If you are still having the issue, you should call Turbo Tax tech support directly so they can see what is going on with your personal situation. Please click the link below and enter your question. Then, you will scroll down and be given the option to either Chat or Call in and talk to someone in the correct department to help you out.
      Thanks, Karen

  5. I filed my Washington, DC state taxes on 02.01.2013 and was accepted on 02.02.2013 and as of this date 02.13.2013 still processing. Why is this if anyone know? I filed my Federal taxes on 01.29.2013 and was accepted on 01.30.2013 it was in my bank to use 02.13.2013. I am trying to figure out what is going on with the DC state taxes

  6. I e-file my federal on the 31st of January and still have not been accepted by the IRS. I had form 4562. Any idea on when I should expect for the return to be accepted?

  7. The IRS has many options on how to collect from you, but did you know that you have legal rights as a taxpayer? There are IRS and State relief programs that if you qualify for, may save you thousands of dollars on your tax liability.

  8. Hello I did my taxes on jan 29 and got accepted on fed 6 for my federal. So I tired today to check my status on my refund at the irs website and got no info on it, it said my info was not found. I was wondering how long do it take to get my refund

  9. Hello I did my taxes on jan 29 and got accepted on fed 6 for my federal. So I tired today to check my status on my refund at the irs website and got no info on it, it said my info was not found. I was wondering how long do it take to get my refund..

  10. I filed Jan 19th, accepted letter through turbo tax on Jan 25th. WMR says still processing. All I had was EIC. I am not understanding why it is taking so long? People who filed Feb 1st and 2nd already got refunds, Any explanation or help would be greatly appreciated.

  11. I just got off the phone with the IRS to check on my return. One thing she did not know about was Form 8863 and then she read the memo. My return was sent to the IRS on the 1/24 and accepted by the IRS on the 1/25. First of she said the IRS is not processing any returns with Form 8863? I really do question that. At this current time even though my return was accepted on the 1/25 nothing counts toward processing except from 1/30 and on. For me I have waited 12 days so far and she told me I am still in the 21 days time period for them to process my return. Just a waiting game still is what it is.

  12. I did my Taxes on Turbo Tax Saturday Feb 6, 2013. There was not statement stating that it would take at lease 21 days for me to get my refund back for IRS. The only reason I was using Turbo Tax all these years is because I got my takes back in at least 10 days.

    It think that was very erronious of Turbo Tax to withhold that, it enable Turbo tax to get paid inspite of the fact of incorrect return information. I do not think I will be using their software again.

    • Hi Kathleen – Can you tell us please exactly who told you that it would take “at least 21 days” to get your refund? Thanks! –Christopher

      • On my accepted forms where it normally gives me a specific day I will receive my refund it said the IRS will send refund within 21 days!

    • February 6th was a Wednesday – I only mention it because it is the same day I did mine – it was accepted the same day and the only message I receive up to and including today is the generic 21 day message – I thought it was something that was done relatively quickly – I guess not this year.

  13. None of these dates have been correct yet. The IRS updated a major amount of forms on February 7th including Form 4562 and Form 8863. Most of the forms listed on the IRS memo have been updated. Ths IRS is working hard to get this done. Now you ask where did I hear this from. (1) I talk to a person on Turbo Tax Chat and he told me this (2) I talked to my friend who works at a tax place (I will not mention) and they are already sending in returns with 8863 and 4652. The only thing I can say is that Turbo Tax is sitting their proverbeil butt, doing nothing, and not caring because most of the people with two two forms used free file and Turbo Tax makes no money off of them. It is completely up to everyone here as to what they want to believe.

  14. I spent 30 minutes chatting with Christopher. I specifically asked when the IRS would begin accepting form 8936. After steering me around the online form, I was initially advised to delete that form from my return and then e-file. Then file the form 8936 separately. I assume he meant an amended return. Again I asked when that form would be accepted electronically and was told on 2/8/13. That obviously didn’t happen so I was forced to mail in my return. Had the answer been “I don’t know”, it would have been preferable to an outright lie. I have been using TurboTax for 16 years and will continue to do so because of the convenience of transferring previous years data. Hopefully your team will do better next year.

  15. Does anybody know how reliable the Where’s My Refund application is? Past couple of years your refund would be sent and it would take a week before it would show up as being sent on the Where’s my Refund.


  16. Has anybody else noticed that Turbo Tax has stopped answering our questions or writing back to us. Makes me wonder what is up and also HR Black and TaxAct are sending returns in with Form 8863 because the IRS is accepting them. So why is TT not doing this?

    • Tax act is NOT sending in 8863 as you said. You are incorrect. IRS said it would be mid- February. Where did. You get your info?

      • I got the info from a friend of mine. I did his taxes with Form 8863 and he has deposit date of 2/11 so this is not erroneous. You might want to check all of your facts. Also the IRS is updating forms each day. Form 4562 was update on 2/7 and not 2/10


      • It iS AMAZING HOW “WRONG INFORMATION” GETS AROUND. I USE TAXACT and they are HOLDING our 8863 until IRS accepts them sometime next week.. (mid-Feb. as promised by IRS)…so don’t say that Taxact and others are “accepting” when that is NOT happening. Get your facts straight before you publish anything. Please.. and yes.. it is SAD that TURBOTAX isn’t responding… I’d drop them like a hot potato.

      • Since I have the wrong information. I called in and talked to the IRS and THEY told me that their biggest update yet was on 2/7 and included both Form 8863 and 4562 and that the dates in the article are 100% tax preparation dates. I check and double checked my facts. I do not like being called a liar. Now Lisa I was one of the test returns that were done early. My return was sent by TT to the IRS on 1/24 and accepted on 1/25 and you cannot say that I was wrong about this (I have the paperwork printed out). So once more to see who is or who is willing to tell the truth. When I chatted with TT Chat the person that me that my return was accepted and that it was at the IRS and not being held at TT? Or will you even tell me that. What this all comes down to is people have been lied too. I will go over to my uncles house, photocopy his return, and deposit of his refund date and he used 8863 then we can see who is and who is not lying. As before anybody that has showed that TT has lied or misrepresented themselves their blog piece disappears so I guess that I will wait and see. Also so you know my return has said pending since January 30th that is a total of 14 days…

      • I have not efiled my taxes yet and they have form 8863 on them – I did however already pay turbotax to file my returns, both the state and federal – I did not file yet because I learned that turbotax is holding those returns that contain form 8863. What time can I efile my return to have it actually transmitted by turbotax to the irs? Is it going to be at midnight tonight? Also, since I already completed the taxes, is the correct form attached for the 8863 or do I need to go back in and remove it and redo the form before I efile? – I am reading that many people are getting messages that there is an error on their form 8863 that may be caused by turbotax not having the updated 8863 form initially in the system. When I reach the screen to efile my taxes turbotax displays a message stating that that my taxes will not be transmitted until the irs is ready to receive 8863 – when will turbotax actually transmit those files it is holding on to? I don’t feel comfortable efiling until I know it is actually going to transmit right away.

  17. My husband & I filed a simple return on jan 28th it was accepted a few hours later by the IRS. On the 1st IRS website says ” your return is scheduled to be mailed to you on feb 7″. It says “mailed” even though we opted for dd. Our bank information was entered & now I can’t find out why we are being mailed our return instead of dd. Today is Feb 7 & the IRS has yet to mail our return to us.

  18. My return was accepted on 01/24 and it’s still being processed. I see that others who filed after me have already received their refund. My state was accepted on 02/04 and I have already been given a direct deposit date. Why the delay?

  19. I filed my taxes a week ago and I am still pending–has not been accepted by the IRS. We do have education credits that we’re claiming–does that mean my return won’t even be accepted until mid month or that it just won’t be processed by the IRS? I think Turbo Tax is great, but this year has been crazy for filers, too confusing with all the last minute changes. Our lawmakers need to get their priorities straight, we can’t delay paying them throughout the year, they have no right to delay giving us back what they’ve borrowed all year.

    • I agree with you about the taxpayers and those in DC holding OUR money. The IRS won’t process til mid Feb for Ed. Tax credits. They “say” they have to program the changes…. But they have had til Jan. 30 … Now feb 8 to do that. Irritating

  20. I wanted to know if there anyway you can find out if your taxes have been accepted when someone else prepares them for you? I had to wait for mines to get accepted because of the 8880 savers tax credit, and I’m still waiting to here if they got accepted or not. The person who prepared mines still hasn’t gotten a response from the IRS either…

  21. I also did my taxes on jan 29th my state has been accepted and my federal is still pending. I do have a college tax credit. Can someone please let us know how long it will take to get this going. I know there is a delay but can anyone give us a date to when they will start accepting the Taxes with school tax credits?

  22. I have no education credits and turbo tax is pending the file the irs has never even gotten it from turbo tax…with that said if I file with another company who is sending the files what would happen

  23. Does the form delay affect both state and federal taxes, i efiled on 2/3/2012 and both my state abd fed are still pending?? I got an email stating my fed will be held up but whats up with my state then?

  24. I e-files Feb 4 and got a message that the IRS was not accepting my kind of returns yet does anyone know when they will be?

    • I got the same message I filed on February 2, 2013 they should have worked this out before the rush of tax season.

  25. I filed my tax return federal and state on jan 29th they accepted my state but I still havnt heard anything about my federal. They say that their still pending. But its been past 48hrs

  26. I just wasted a hour on the phone with the IRS to find out where they were at on the programming for form 8863. I went through numerous MENUS, transferred 3 times, and then hung up on. Has anybody else been able to reach somebody at the IRS and find out any information. When I find out something I will pass it along. My tax return was accepted on the 1/24 and they didn’t find the problem with form 8863 till the 28th so I am still confused as to why mine is being held or if TT is telling people the truth. Do as you see fit is all I say and again we college students going to better our lives are being screwed. I wish we could get ahold of President Obama and make him aware and see if he can light some fire under the IRS’s butt but I do not know how to get ahold of him to where the message would be read by him and not some in office lackey… Thanks… Paul

  27. The IRS accepted my return on 1/26/2013, but it is now in a processing delay. I called today and they said that there is a form in my return that they cannot complete because of programming?
    Why did they accept my return then?

  28. What tax law changes for 2012 regarding for 8863 does the IRS have to program changes for? The Fiscal Cliff had to do with changes taking effect 1/1/2013 going forward, not 2012.

    • Hi Bruce! You’d have to ask the IRS that question. All we know is that their systems were not programmed correctly to process the Education Tax Credits. Sorry…

  29. I’m at the very end and when I go to e-file and I come to the part to verify code it won’t let me. I type in exactly what it says but still it says security code doesn’t match, I’ve tried this a hundred times.

  30. we couldnt file married with injured spouse last year bc of some glitch in the program, can we file injured spouse this year?

  31. Someone told me that we would not be able to get our refund back until mid March. I do not now how true that is, but wanted to ask and see if anyone else has heard of this.

    • Hi! You can actually wait until the April 15th filing deadline if you want. But we still hope that the IRS will be ready to roll by mid-February.

  32. Today is February 4, 2013. I just went online at to check the status of my refund and the WMR is down and they say to call. I call in to the toll free IRS number and it says the number is down. I though that with the middle of February getting closer things would start to be looking up but does not look like it. Unless the IRS is finished updating their programming after 8 days and the 3 million of us who file Form 8863 will get to at least see some progress????

    • Hi! We’ve not heard anything to suggest that the mid-February timing for the Education Credits will be pushed forward. Sorry!

  33. I filed on 1/26/13, I do have education credits. Will mine remain pending until mid feb to early march and then take 21 days to give me my tax money? I have direct deposit. The reason I am confused is because I keep reading that you CANNOT file until mid feb. if you have education credits.

    • Hi! If you already filed then the IRS will hold your return into their systems can process the Education Credits. Unfortunately that does mean waiting until mid-February.

  34. How can I delete what I’ve done in the Investment Income topic (in Deluxe)? I have my broker’s Form 8949 printout, but the program has frozen into Step by Step and won’t let me go to Enter It Myself so that I can enter the totals. And when will the online Form 8949 be available?

  35. We have always filed through the free version but when we get to the end it says we have to mail. Is there still a problem with efile?

  36. So..It looks like MODERN TECHNOLOGY everything is taking LONGER…hmmm. something’s not right there. Kinda like the weathermen cannot predict the weather as accurately as they previously did 10-15 years ago. Could this “modern technology” be our enemy..or at least NOT AS GOOD as it is all “cracked up” to be..I’d say so. Looks like it is SLOWING everything down substantially!

    • Dave… Technology is great but the real problem with the IRS processing delays is the fact that Congress passed significant fiscal cliff legislation on Jan 2. Unfortunately it takes the IRS many weeks to reprogram their computers to reflect these very late changes. You also have to remember that many of their systems are 30-50 years old so they’re not using the most efficient tools that allow quick turnaround times.

      Bob Meighan
      VP, TurboTax

  37. I received an email yesterday that the forms I need are now available for me to file, but when I log into my account, its says they are not?

  38. Filed my return on jan 10th. Thought it might have been accepted by now but still sitting in pending. Do have a few credits but per turbo tax site none that should cause it to be delayed any longer than the average 48 hours. Just wondering if others returns are being delayed. Helped a friend file his yesterday and it was accepted within minutes and the only difference in credits was Unearned income credit.

    • Shelly… We are not aware of any IRS processing delays IF you are not affected by any of the late forms. For example, if you claimed any education credits, reported depreciation on Form 4562 or have energy credit, your return should be accepted within 2-3 days (usually much quicker). If your return is affected by the IRS processing delays, you should have received an update from us via email alerting you to this. Make sure you check your filing status and take corrective action if the IRS rejected your return.

      Bob Meighan, VP TurboTax

  39. why the delay in efiles being excepted by fed and state?? This is not normal based on years in the past..I efiled on Jan 29th expecting it to be excepted by today..whats going on?

    • Natash… The TurboTax free solutions are available by using TurboTax Free Edition or the version available from the IRS site. If you use any TurboTax product other than those two, you will incur a fee as stated on the web site and at the time of purchase. You can go back to your return on TurboTax Online and click on the button that allows you to view the full details of your fee. I hope this helps.

      Bob Meighan, VP TurboTax

  40. My taxes had form 8863 in them and the IRS website states that they will not be accepting these until mid February, but my tax return was accepted January 24, 2012. Has anyone else encountered this situation?

    • Kathy… As part of the IRS’s testing of their systems, a small number of returns were transmitted to them prior to the official opening date of Jan 30. Apparently your was one of them. And yes, the IRS just this week announced that Form 8863 will be delayed until their systems are updated.

      I hope this information helps.
      Bob Meighan, VP TurboTax

    • yes and so has my sister!!! both of us have education credit..everytime i check the system it states still being processed….

  41. I was informed that I would receive direct deposit within 10 days, that’s why I did the e-file and was charged over $$ 96.00 for both and what happened to the FREE filings ??

    • Hi Kathryn –
      I am sorry your were told that. The IRS just began processing returns as of today. Most taxpayers should receive their refunds within 21 days this year. The fees are based on the version of Turbo Tax you are using and the forms required. We do have a free federal version, but there is a fee for your state return. If you feel that your fees are not correct, you might want to contact TurboTax Support to help you out with this one. You can do that by phone or chat…here’s the link
      Thank you,

    • Kathryn, TurboTax is free for a basic return. Unless you filed a very complex return, you did something wrong. Now, let’s sift out some clues on your direct deposit. Did you get a confirmation about receiving it in ten days?, or did you get that from a comment on this blog? Big difference. In other words Kathryn, did someone that actually knows tell you that?, or did some neighbor use their vast “knowledge” of tax preparation from the school of tax blogs to officially assign you a ten day window?

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