How Long Americans Work to Pay Their Taxes [Infographic]

Tax News How long it takes to pay taxes

As the final 2011 extended tax deadline draws near, you can’t help but wonder how many hours you work to pay taxes.  Check out our infographic to see how long it takes Americans to pay their taxes and see how your state ranks.

[intuit_tt_infographic id=11787]

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  2. My question has to do with my 2012 tax return. I do have other questions regarding ACA, but right now I am seriously seeking answers that I need for my 2012 tax return. Can anyone help me. My return was rejected by the IRS because a couple of items required additional review. I do not know how to fix them. Please help me.

  3. If I could access my account with turbo tax I could complete my return and efile it in a couple of minutes. I’ve paid for turbo tax so should be able to use it.

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