How Your Generation Donates During the Holidays [Infographic]

Tax Deductions and Credits

The holidays are the season of giving and bring out generosity more than any other time of the year, especially when it comes to charitable donations. But which generation seems to be the most giving? Our infographic looks at donations by generation. Find out how generous people are in your age group over the holidays.

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  1. Very interesting graphic presentation. Couldn’t read the sources at the end – was too small and blurred – can you put those in a reply? Thanks.

  2. I was reading your tax deduction and was impressed. I am 83 yrs. with son 54 that has medical problems w/no income. I give to DAV, USO etc. salvation army food for the needed. My gross income is
    around $38,000 a year. How much am I allow to deduct for all that I donate. which is alot for our men
    in the service and hospital.

    1. Clara,
      You can deduct between 30% and 50% of your income for charitable giving if you itemize deductions.
      Mary Ellen

  3. Also, I am a beneficiary on her Annuities, and will be receiving a disbursement. But we had to use all of her Annuity money for her funeral expenses. Since we saw no benefit from the inheritance, is there any way to offset the taxes on those disbursements?

    1. Patti,
      You will receive a 1099-R from the Annuity payer. If there is any taxable income reported, you will need to include it in your income. There is no deduction allowed for the funeral expenses you paid.
      Mary Ellen

  4. I need some advice about how to claim donations that we made. My mother passed away and we donated almost all of her furniture, clothing, and kitchen items to Salvation Army. How do I determine the value to write off?

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