Residential Energy Efficient Property Tax Credit Helps You Go Green and Get More Green at Tax-Time [Infographic]


March is the perfect time to think about going green and saving money with it being tax-time and daylight savings time, which means more daylight to do your taxes by without wasting energy and money.  There are also more energy savers that may fatten your wallet when you sit down to do your taxes.  Our infographic looks at how your energy improvements can put more money back in your pocket with the Residential Energy Efficient Property Tax Credit.

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  1. IRS form 5695 on line 14 has a limit that decreases available solar panel energy credit. The worksheet for 2013 and this year 2014 makes qualifying based on other than child care and another area entirely income needs based. Most middle income filers will compute a “0” Limit which eliminates the ability to claim this tax credit. If Federal tax credits are entering into your decision to go solar try the worksheet out to see if it even applies to you.

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