4 Tax Credits to Boost Your Tax Refund [Video]


Tax-time is around the corner.  Find out about four tax credits to boost your tax refund.


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  1. I can not find the answer to my question. And like Carla it does not recognize my daughter when I try to claim her.

  2. My 18 yr old grandson lives with me and he is in high school still with me supporting him 100%. How can I claim him? The tax calculator doesn’t recognize him as a dependent. Also my adult disabled son lives with me and I provide over 50% of his support. How does this work and how do I file

  3. Lisa we have our 49 year old daughter living with us and for the past year we have supported her with the exception that she gets food stamps and has some kind of free insurance and dental now and the dental is very recent and doesn’t pay much. Can we deduct her on our income tax since she has not worked all year? In the past years she had a few short jobs in restaurants and such but nothing that amounted to much. This year she didn’t work at all. Thank you,

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