10 Odd Dependent Questions

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Some questions regarding dependents can be tricky and sometimes a little odd.  Here is an infographic highlighting some examples of questions asked by our readers with associated answers that may help you figure out, “Who Can I Claim As My Dependent?

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12 responses to “10 Odd Dependent Questions”

  1. Can I claim my son as a dependent? He is 37 but hasn’t worked much this year and I provide him a home and food and clothing and tv and heat and water for well over a year but he owes back taxes his self. Would that mess up my taxes?

  2. I have a 21 year old daughter who up until about August of last year made very little money and I supported and continue to support her in providing a rent free home and all meals and necessities. She started working full time in August and now made well over the $3800. However, I still provided over half her support for the year and for over 6 months out of the year. Can I claim her as a dependent?

  3. My father lives in Assisted Living. I paid for more than half of the cost last year plus his other health & insurance bills. Can I claim him as a dependent and also his health & life insurance bills?

    • I also have been paying his house insurance and house payment. He receives RR retirement and VA benefits too but that just started last August. Do I need to claim the VA benefits too for him?

    • Also he is disabled and considered incompetent to handle his affairs by the VA and I am his guardian. If that makes any difference.

  4. My sister lives with me. She does receive alimony, not much. I provide for her housing and groceries. Can I claim her on my taxes as a dependent?

  5. If I keep my sons three small children and provide 2 meals 2 snacks a day for them and provide things such as baby wipes toilet paper educational toys and other items, can I claim any of that? He gives me 100.00 a week and I heard i had to pay about 33.00 a week out of that for fed taxes , state taxes, social security and county taxes. That does not leave enough to buy what they need.

  6. I have an 18 year old handicap child he began receiving SSI in May of 2012, but he is only receiving partial SSI can we claim him as a dependant still?

  7. If my boyfriend claims me as a qualified dependent and I have debt I owe the IRS. Will they keep his refund to pay my debt?

  8. can i claim my parents as dependants if they are both retired getting their social security if i’m providing for them? is their social security amounts involved

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