Back-to-School Savings :  How to Save Money on School Supplies

Education colored pencils

Even though we have a couple more years before we have to get our little one ready for school, having several family members who are teachers has gotten us excited about the new school year.

I look for deals as my loved ones try to have some extra school supplies handy for their classrooms.

If your family is getting ready, here are some ways you can stock up without losing your wallet this month.

Shop Tax Free

Be on the lookout for tax free shopping opportunities. Check with your state as not all offer them (North Carolina isn’t doing any this year) and many have requirements on what counts as a qualifying purchase.

Take Inventory

Save yourself money and frustration by going ahead and getting an inventory of what supplies you already have. It may take an afternoon of cleaning, but you may be surprised to find out how much stuff you don’t need to pick up.

Explain to  your kids that if they find their calculator then that money can be used for other supplies instead of replacing it.

Make sure you have a clear idea of supplies your kids will need for this upcoming school year so you’re not getting something that won’t be used.

You can ask your local school for a supply list or check with retailers as some have them printed out as a convenience.

Set a Budget

Once you know what’s missing from your supplies, you can have a better handle on the appropriate budget. Be upfront with your kids with what that means such as what the nonnegotiable school supplies are.

Have them practice those math skills by keeping tabs on their totals.

Compare Online

Minimize trips by comparison shopping online to see which stores have the better deals. It’s never fun towing around the kids about town just to get one or two items from several stores.

You may also get an online retailer who has a better deal on items like paper.

Buy in Bulk

If you have multiple kids going back to school, you may find some wonderful deals on essentials like paper, pens, pencils, and binders when you get them in bulk.

End of Summer Sales for Clothes

Depending on where you live, you may be able to snag some fantastic deals on ‘summer’ clothes. Polos and some tops may last for much of the school year.

You can also layer based on the seasons.

Grab a Laptop

Not suggesting you go for big purchases just because, but if your family has been thinking about getting a new computer, August may be the best time to buy it with retailers having back to school sales.

Thoughts on School Supplies

I hope these tips help you find what you need and I wish you an awesome school year! How many of you are getting ready for school? What supplies do you need to pick up this school year?

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  1. How dare you think this is a realistic budget? As a teacher in N.J.,my net is closer to $2400 a month. Rents of $800 are unheard of, and student loan debt is insurmountable! Get real! I teach, coach, and work summers to NOT be able to make ends meet. Shame on you for portraying an unrealistic picture of our vocation’s current situation in America.

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