Even Self-Employed Bosses Need Time Off

Self-Employed Even Self-Employed Bosses Need Time Off

This year has been amazing, but also very packed for me business wise. I started the year off co-hosting a financial summit, published my book, Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money, and this week I launched my first course! I also have some speaking gigs lined up in the next couple of months. While I’m thrilled with achieving some huge goals, the truth is, it’s also exhausting.

Being self-employed is a blessing, but I do have to be careful to carve out some time to relax and recharge. It’s not only good for my personal health, but it can be a wonderful opportunity to focus and reflect on my next steps. It’s not only good for my personal health, but it can be an opportunity to focus and reflect on my next steps.

If you’re like me and looking to enjoy some time off without letting your business flounder, here are some tips to make things go much smoother.

  1. Unplug Completely: I know how hard it can be not checking up on things, but a vacation is not a vacation if you’re constantly on your phone or laptop worrying. If you can go the entire trip without sneaking a peek, give yourself at least 24 hours off. It’ll help you get off the treadmill. (If your business needs that much constant care, it’s time to revamp your system or hire an assistant!)
  2. Update and Delegate: I hate getting emails from clients when I go on vacation. Even though it’s not an emergency I feel like I have to respond as soon as possible. I try to avoid that by creating an auto-responder that lays out when I’ll be gone and what clients need to do if it’s a true emergency.
  3. Build a Buffer: Depending on how long you take off, you may want to build a buffer for when you’re on vacation. When I know I’ll be out of town for a bit, I try to have some posts or episodes queued up. It takes a bit of effort, but I feel that it allows me to enjoy my time off more. If you haven’t already, you also want to make sure you have some savings stashed away to cover expenses while you’re gone.
  4. Keep a Notebook: Finally, I noticed that when I get away I tend to have some good ideas pop up. Rather than research right then, I jot down my ideas as best I can and then get back to my vacation.

I’d love to hear from you – how many of you own your business? How often do you schedule time off?

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