Tax Break Friday Poll


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  1. For the tax break friday, my idea is to poll if

    you get $2500 refund to spend for the holiday season, what the one big ticket item you would buy or would you donate it charity to make other peoples life better or would you invest it ?

  2. Nancy,

    We just randomly selected you as the winner for a copy of free TurboTax Online Deluxe! I will email you separately to get shipping details.

    Thanks for participating everyone! Tune in Friday for another chance to win, and invite a friend.


  3. Which would you like better?

    *Winning a big sweepstakes prize.

    *Getting a hefty tax break on a new addition to your family.

    *Receive payment every month from the kid that moved back in.


  4. When you finish your return, you see that you will be receiving $2,500 in Federal and State refunds. Are you

    1. Pleased with the windfall and thinking of different ways to spend it?

    2. Dismayed that you loaned $2,500 to the government at 0% interest?

    3. Upset because your taxable income will be higher next year?

    4. Slightly relieved because you’re not employed and you can at least count on receiving $2,500 within a few weeks?

  5. Hi there!

    Take our poll and leave us an idea for our next Tax Break Friday Poll for a chance to win a free copy of TurboTax. Comment topic: What question would you like to see polled next Friday?

    We’ll randomly select a winner from the comments and send a copy of TurboTax Deluxe Online your way by the end of the month.


    – Chelsea and Ashley, Blog Team

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