Tax Refunds Produce Windfall for U.S. Families

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Tax Refunds Produce Windfall for U.S. Families
TurboTax Research Finds Early Filers Use Money to Pay Debt, Afford Everyday Living Expenses
SAN DIEGO – Jan. 15, 2013 – The nation’s taxpayers will receive an estimated $230 billion in federal tax refunds this year, fueling the U.S. economy and delivering a significant financial windfall to the average American household. And approximately $140 billion will be in consumers’ pockets by Feb. 15, according to the American Tax & Financial Center at TurboTax (

Refunds are especially vital for the estimated 40 percent of U.S. households living paycheck-to-paycheck. In 2012, the average tax refund averaged $2,700, equaling more than a month’s worth of income for two-thirds of taxpayers or more than three months of groceries for the average family of four.

       “A federal tax refund is the most important financial moment of the year for many families,” said Bernie McKay, director of the American Tax & Financial Center at TurboTax. “Low-income households use tax withholding and the subsequent refund almost like a savings fund, using the money to pay down debt or to cover everyday living expenses.

 Refunds are the primary reason taxpayers file returns by mid-February. According to research by TurboTax®, the nation’s leading tax preparation software from Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU), approximately 84 percent of taxpayers filing in Jan. through Feb. 15 receive a tax refund, compared to only half of those who file in April.

Holiday Spending Hangover
Tax refunds take on even greater significance in the face of holiday spending and credit card debt. In 2012, Americans planned to spend an average of $854 during the holidays, adding to the average consumer credit card debt of $8,721.

Consumers typically make the largest dent in their credit card debt in the first quarter of the calendar year, fueled by the increase in income due to tax refunds. The average tax refund could cut almost one-third of the average credit card debt.

How taxpayers plan to use their tax refund
According to TurboTax, 42 percent of early tax filers plan to use their tax refund to pay down debt and cover the costs of rent, food and utilities. Another 25 percent will save at least some of their tax refund.

     “Taxpayers can use a portion of their refund to pay down debt as a smart first step to taking control of their finances,” added McKay.  “And it’s encouraging that at least a quarter of Americans say they plan to save at least some of their tax refund.  Tax refunds are an excellent way to jumpstart savings and put money away for retirement, education or a rainy day. ”

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