San Francisco: Biggest Tax Procrastinator of 2011

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Three California Cities Make Top 10 in the TurboTax Annual List of Late Filers

SAN DIEGO – March 28, 2012 – San Francisco claims the top spot on the TurboTax annual list of America’s most tax procrastinating cities. With more than 40 percent of residents waiting until the last two weeks to file their taxes in 2011, the city jumped five notches from its standing the previous year.

San Francisco isn’t the only California city on the list of late-filing cities. The state is well represented, with both Los Angeles and San Diego landing in this year’s top 10.

There’s good news for the 28 percent of taxpayers nationwide who wait until the last two weeks of tax season to file their tax returns: They get two extra days to file federal returns, until April 17.

Here’s the full list of this year’s late-filing cities compiled by TurboTax, the nation’s leading tax preparation software from Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU), with last year’s ranking in parenthesis:

1.     San Francisco – (No. 6): Famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, “The City by the Bay” claims procrastination gold with more than 40 percent of its residents waiting until the last two weeks to file.

2.     New York – (No. 3): This fast-paced city obviously isn’t fast when it comes to their taxes. With over 38 percent of its residents waiting to file, what is the “City That Never Sleeps” doing with all that extra time?

3.     Washington D.C. – (No. 12): Being the home of the IRS, you would think that The District’s residents would be the first to file their taxes. This year they find themselves at No. 3 on the list.

4.     Los Angeles – (No. 9): Angelinos must be too busy casting votes for Idol to file their taxes; they are on the top 10 list for the fifth consecutive year.

5.     Seattle – (No. 7): With the rainy winter weather, more than 30 percent of Emerald City residents must not be feeling up to doing their taxes, moving up two spots from last year.

6.     Austin – (No. 4): Texans must be tired of waiting for their refunds. After carrying the Top Procrastinating City title for six years in a row, Austin is Texas’s only top 10 city this year.

7.     Minneapolis – (First timer!): So many theaters, so little time! The Twin Cities must be too busy theater hopping instead of hopping to start those taxes!

8.     Denver – (First timer!): The Mile High City may have spent more time cheering during football season than preparing to file their taxes.

9.     San Diego – (No. 8): Having TurboTax headquarters right around the corner must be helping; San Diegans are filing their taxes faster than the year before, moving down one slot.

10.  Portland – (No. 13): Residents of the Rose City may be too busy smelling the roses, moving up from No. 13 for last year with over 28 percent of their residents waiting until the end of the tax season to file.

Dropping off the Top 10 list this year: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Chicago

The Wannabes

Those who missed the Top 10 cut include:

11. Raleigh

12. Pittsburgh

13. Dallas

14. Chicago

15. Houston

16. Nashville

17. Phoenix

18. Atlanta

19. Richmond

20. Albuquerque

The list is determined by the number of tax returns electronically filed via the TurboTax Online service between April 1 – April 18, 2011.

Last-minute Tax Tips for Procrastinators

Taxpayers who have waited until the last minute to file their taxes don’t need to worry.  There are fast, easy and even free ways to prepare and file until the deadline looms. And ways to make sure they get their maximum refund.

  • Go online – It’s easy, convenient and fast. Many taxpayers can finish in less than an hour. And for those people with a simple tax return, it could even be free. Go to to start today.
  • ItsDeductible – Don’t forget charitable contributions. This includes cash and non-cash – household items such as clothing, electronics and toys that were donated. For those taxpayers that itemize, these donations can add up to tax savings. Mileage to and from charitable events, even babysitter fees while volunteering, can be deductible too.
  • Sock it away – Contribute to an IRA. In the rush to file, don’t miss on opportunities to reduce that tax bill. Even procrastinators can save money on their taxes, they have until the April 17 deadline to contribute to an IRA and get a deduction on their 2011 return.
  • Extend the deadline – Taxpayers that aren’t going to make the deadline need to file a tax extension, free with TurboTax. And remember: An extension to file isn’t an extension to pay. Taxes owed are still due April 17.
  • File now – Even for those taxpayers that owe Uncle Sam, but don’t have the money, they should still file now and pay what they can. The IRS has payment plans available. For more information, visit

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