Intuit TurboTax to Taxpayers: “It’s Amazing What You’re Capable Of”

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New brand campaign includes 60-second broadcast

spot in football’s biggest game

 SAN DIEGO – Jan. 7, 2014 – TurboTax®, the nation’s No. 1-rated, best selling online tax preparation service from Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU), today announced the launch of its 2014 brand campaign. The “It’s Amazing What You’re Capable Of” campaign is a celebration of hardworking Americans and the incredible things they accomplish every day.

Grounded in key insights about taxpayer needs and concerns, the campaign breaks down misperceptions to empower the 60 million people with simple tax returns to prepare their own taxes with confidence.

Spanning broadcast, radio, social and digital channels, the campaign includes a 60-second broadcast spot airing during football’s big game on Feb. 2.

The campaign launched New Year’s Day with a 90-second anthem spot titled “The Year of the You.” The ad highlights that taxes are simply the story of a person’s year, a story no one knows better than they do. And with TurboTax, people don’t need any tax knowledge or expertise to do their own taxes and get them done right. That’s because TurboTax asks simple questions about their life like “Did you have a baby?” or “Did you buy a house?” and guides them through their return step-by-step.

“TurboTax is the champion of the American taxpayer and exists to help people put more money in their pocket. We recognize that fear and uncertainty cause millions of people to doubt that they can prepare their own simple tax return,” said Greg Johnson, vice president of marketing for Intuit TurboTax. “Our new campaign celebrates the amazing things people do on their own every day and shows them that they’re fully capable of getting their taxes done right with TurboTax.”

The campaign capitalizes on iconic cultural moments occurring over the course of the next several months, including a 60-second spot created specifically for football’s championship game on February 2, that will air in the second quarter. This will be the first time TurboTax is airing during the big game and marks a big year for parent company Intuit, which will have another 30-second spot in the third quarter for the winner of the Small Business Big Game program.

“Supporting our new creative is a media strategy that takes advantage of the biggest, DVR-proof opportunities to engage with our target consumers across channels,” added Johnson. “We are connecting with our core customers where they are, and in early Feb., they’re watching the big game.”

Additional spots for the campaign make their broadcast and online debut over the next few weeks, including:

Marriage:” People do amazing things every day. Like finding that one special person. And if they can do that, they can answer simple questions about what happened in their life like, “Did you get married this year?” And they don’t need any knowledge of taxes or the tax code because TurboTax gives them the confidence to get it done right.

Explanations:” Life’s full of questions. It helps to have friends who can explain things. That’s what TurboTax does – helps users understand their refund so they can explain it to their spouse. And guides them so they make the best decisions year round to get their biggest possible tax refund. Isn’t that what friends are for?

No Worries:” With the help of technology, people can now do all sorts of things they never before dreamed were possible. With TurboTax, people can do their own taxes and feel confident they’re done right because TurboTax double-checks along the way so people don’t have to worry they’ve left even a penny on the table.

In addition to the above spots, a number of 15-second spots will run on broadcast and online. The campaign, which will continue to run throughout the tax season, was created in partnership with independent advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, based in Portland, Oregon.

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